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Werther`s Original Caramelts™
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I prefer hard candy
It's good but I prefer hard candy so it was just meh in my opinion
J'ai essayé ce produit et j'ai adoré. Ils fondent dans la bouche et sont excellent au goût. Je trouve que c'est un excellent petit bonbon à avoir sur son bureau au travail ou dans sa sacoche pour lorsque nous allons faire des emplête. Je recommande ce produit.
great product
Delicious as all the werthers orginal candys tend to be this perfect balance of creamy carmel toffee delisious melts in your mouth wonderfull love it would recommend to anyone .
Best caramels
Creamy tasting. Werthers is the best caramels. They melt in your mouth. Been around forever and the taste is still excellent
Great flavor boost for your mouth
Love the melt in your mouth experience,popular,could be cheaper all year round,not just on certian holidays
Wurthers Original
My grandfather..father. and my children and grandchildren have all tried Wurthers..and..they are all in agreement..there should be a dish of these out in every home!!😁😋
Love them
I love caramel flavoured candies, and these hard candies do the trick. I would be hard pressed to say the first time I ever tried them, it would be ages ago. Great candy, great product. I like many of the different flavours now available.
Theses are delicious. I like how creamy they taste.
I could eat a hole bag of these little pieces of heaven. I try to only have one or two or three, ok they are hard to walk away from. These are great and make great gifts if you can bear to give them up.
these are so good rich creamy flavour hard to have just one
I never actually bought these but have been given many samples of them. They are so delicious and have a wonderful flavour.
These are like a little peace of heaven in your mouth. If you like caramel than you`ll love these!
Loved them ever since I was a kid eating them on Halloween.
these are the only ones I buy! if its not werthers, its not worth buying
These candies are a classic. They melt in the mouth. One can`t go wrong with purchasing these.

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