4.5 5 0 14 14 13g Whole grain per 21g serving.
Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo
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Another awesome flavor ! Tastes so good dipped in Ranch dressing :)
I love wheat thins they are crispy good work with my diet and come in amazing flavores
These are great. They just the right kick with that little bit of spice and heat - my favourite cracker so far.
I love Wheat Thins a lot and I tried these and I loved them as I love spicy food. Very good with Hummus. I also like the Tomato Basil?? ones I forget if this is the right kind but my son calls them the pizza crackers as they taste like pizza
Nice bit of spice without being over powering. Great with dip or salsa.
These are the best!!!! To snack on alone or with some dip or cheese, my favourite. Not many brands bring out a nice Buffalo flavour with heat, but this it a definite win.
Let's be serious! in life, it's impossible to all get along. normal. but hey, even if you dislike me but you say it and serve me this snack at the same time, we would at least share something GREAT! i still won't have to like you, but, while our mouths are full of this incredibly delicious snacks, there are no fights, no name callings...etc. it's a win-win scenario, right? 'keep 'em coming please.... can't get enough of it!
A really good addition to a basket of crackers. Good for munching alone or with the dips and cheese. A convenient snack in the afternoon and they are delicious.
I really love these things!! They are the best ever!!! My most favorite snack!!
These were absolutely delicious and fall nicely inline with my serving size on my diet!
Not as spicy as I thought they would be, the fiery logo makes you think it might, but they are still quite delicious and a good alternative to greasy chips.
great additional flavour to a already great crispers.amazing right out of the box snack
Fantastic taste addition to an already great cracker. Love the Buffalo spice . Usually we eat these crackers straight from the box, but this new spicy flavour is terrific to top with cheese, olives or any other topping.
really like the crisp, fresh taste. great with toppings or stand alone
These sound so yummy! Would sure like to taste them before im buy. Thanks so much

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