4.4 5 0 48 48 Garlic herb flavour. 10g whole grains. Oven baked crackers.
Wheat Thins Toasted Pita
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Can’t stop eating them!
These are dangerous for me - I can’t stop eating once I start! They are crunchy, garlicky and so yummy! They go well with a hummus or tzatziki dip as well. Highly recommended!
toasted pita
Ces petits craquelins de pita sont extrèmement dangeureux je crois que je suis rendu addict à ces petites choses
Excellent product. Tastes really good. Very unique product. Crowd pleaser.
Great for hummus
I purchased these as an add-on just to go with some hummus for a party it was the head of the party everyone wanted to know where I got them they were delicious and I'll try them with other snacks
Instant Fave!!
I bought these on a whim one day, and I was honestly half expecting to be the only one that would end up eating them (my husband is a picky eater and has problems with his mouth so I thought they might cause him too much pain). But the first day I put them in our lunches for work (we run heavy equipment together) he went so far as to call me on the 2-way radio and tell me how amazing they were!! I loved them too of course. Just the right amount of ‘crunch’. The air pockets or bubbles or whatever in them keeps them from being to abrasive on your teeth I think. Excellent flavour!!
Goes with anything!
Love this flavour! It goes with anything, from meats and cheese to just dipping in some hummus. Will definitely buy again!
I have tried these and they're really good. I especially love the garlic ones, they're really good dipped in hummus and just as good on their own
Tellement bons. On peut ajouter de la mousse, du fromage, de la salsa et autres. C'est gagnant.
These taste great, there are a few different flavours. I also liked them with some dip.
These are addictive! Super crunchy, strong enough for a good dip. I've bought many bags already!
I did not like these, they were crunchy and good that way, but I found the herb flavor a little over powering
These were delicious! A great alternative to chips for a salty snack. Would highly recommend these!
Vraiment bonne, cela fait changement des autres produits.
Quelle bonne collation santé qui remplace les croustilles. Je les adore je les mange avec des crudités et de la trempette.
Awesome product!!! Great flavor and crunch .. stood up to the dip test!

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