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Whiskas® all natural Temptations®
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Different 😼
Funny thing, not all our cats are in love with this flavour, but will take one or two before walking away! I’m guessing the flavour isn’t as palatable to them as the tuna or chicken?? Perhaps!
Cats top 3
after trying more then 10 different types of treat with my cats they always comeback to this one as an overall favorite. the all naturals seem to do better on thier digestive system.
Thank Meow for Temptations
Great treat option. Low calorie and loved by all cats!
Temptation poulet
Comme dans l'annonce télévisée mes 2 chats accourent en entendant le bruit du sac secoué, ils en redemandent, c'est très addictif.
Cats love them
My cats can't seem to get enough of these, so they are a winner in my books. I also feel better about feeding these to my cats since they are natural vs some other treats on the market.
Great cat treats
Our cats come running when we shake the bag......we have tried other brands but our cats like this one the best. Good value for price.
Cat loves them
My mother in laws cat loves temptations! He comes running every time you shake the bag just like in the commercial! And the price point is really good and the bag lasts a long time!
My cat loves them
I prefer to buy all natural products and I was really happy with these treats for my cat. He's pretty fussy but every morning he has a routine waiting for me to get ready as he knows he will get his treat. I would highly recommended these
My cat loves Temptations !!!
My cat loves these i used to buy the reg ones but i seen these in the store i love that these Temptations are all natural and are better for my cat and when i give my cat when i have to give a bath one day she got sprayed by a skunk it took a long while in the water and tomato juice and i thought i would have a hard time washing and washing and what i did was i got my treats out and i shaked the bag and she knew okay i have get out the treats every time so it was not as bag because she loves these natural temptations so thank you temptations happness all around.
billy la tester!
mon chat est une vrai terreur quand vien le temps de parler minouche!!! comme jai quand meme sa santé a coeur je me suis laisser seduire par les gaterie 'au naturel' pour lui faire plaisir. j'avais achetez 2 sacs et il a eventrer les 2 sans ma permission et evidemment quand je ne le regardais pas ahahaha a voir comment il etais determiner a ouvrir les sac j'en ai conclu quil les a vraiment apprecier
love this brand of treats
My cats prefer the tuna flavor (even though I do not). They liked these, they just were not their favour flavour.
She LOVED them!
Bought these when I was cat-sitting my son's cat! Based on how affectionate she was when she saw the bag coming out of the cupboard, I'd say she LOVED them.
Cat's favourite!
My cat isn't great about having her nails cut, but once she smells the bag of temptations she settles down because she knows she'll be rewarded with a treat! I've been buying these for my cat since I first adopted here, and doubt that will change in the coming years.
5 paws up
My cat Bud lives for these treats. If I can’t find him in the house or he is hiding all I have to do is shake the bag and he comes running. He loves them and I feel good about feeding him a natural treat without preservatives or artificial flavours. A treat you can feel good about giving. 5 paws up!
A rendre un chat fou
Que dire je ne sais pas pourquoi mais il y a pas seulement les chats qui adore les tentations mes furets et mes rats les aimes aussi. Ma chatter et mes furets reste devant le comptoir et me les demandes ,tant qu'ils n'ont pas ce qu'ils veulent ils me regarde avec des yeux doux.

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