4.7 5 0 403 403 Tempting tuna flavour treats for cats. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
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Another great cat treat
These treats really get our cats running and begging for more. They last a long time if not given all the time....and are a good value for the money.
My cats ovsessed
For 8 years my cat would only eat one brand of cat treat. They we received a sample that I left on the table. In the morning all the treats were gone. My cats now obsessed with them!!
Cats love these
As soon as we touch the bag our 3 cats come running. They love all the flavours but the cat nip one is their favorite. Definitely will continue to buy.
Tempting Tuna
My two cats absolutely adore these! They are crunchy bites of seafoody delight that they beg me for. If you have seen the commercials for Temptations cat treats, let me tell you, they are accurate. Cats will do anything for cat treats!! I would definitely recommend, and so would your cats!
Cats go crazy for Temptations
Our cats love these treats. They love ALL of the different Temptations flavors. Its also a great way to get them to do exercise by making them run for their treats. Every cat that I have ever seen try these treats really loves them. I recommend them
Cat treats
My cats go nuts for these treats . i highly recommend these treats your cats will love them
Amazing product!
I bought these treats for my 1yr old tortoiseshell cat, that we got from our local SPCA and she absolutely adores them. I only shake the bag and she comes running and meowing loll
cat says yummy
my cat cant get enough it knows when im getting it starts to moew loudly
Très bon produit
Ma chatte n'aime pas toute les gâteries mais ceux là, ils font partis de ses préférés. Je lui offre ces gâteries lorsque je dois lui couper les griffes ou du poils en boule, et elle se laisse faire car elle sait qu'elle va avoir ces gâteries là.
Henry loves them!
My 12 year old boy loves these treats. As soon as he hears the package he comes running.
Mon chat en raffole, il en redemande. Bonne gâteries😉
cats cant get enough of these.
I have two cats, aged 4 and 10, who are both in love with these treats. They get so excited when I open the bag and they can smell the treats inside. They can be a little pick when it comes to their treats so its nice to have found a flavour they both enjoy.
My cat loves them.
These are the only cat treats my cat will eat. She goes crazy when she hears the bag.
Just shake the bag and my cats come running! Great treat
Sakura Approved!
My cat, Sakura can be quite picky about what she eats and she loves these. Shake the bag and she will come running from wherever she's hiding.

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