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Windex®  Multi-Surface
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J'aime bien!
Assez efficace pour la plupart des tâches par contre j'aime moins l'odeur ! Mais bon tout dépend des goûts!!
Love it.
I love this one the best. Smells delicious and it actually lasts for a few hours. Makes it smell like the whole house is clean. Not only is it an anti bacterial but it actually works. Tough stains or build up, spray it leave it for a couple minutes and comes right off. Works great on windows to never have any streaks.
Windex multipurpose is a great product. It’s antibacterial so great and can be used in any surface. Also smells great.
Cleans well
Love how I can clean every surface with it. Does an awesome job and smells great and will buy again, love how it cleans 99% of germs too.
good stuff
windex is a great brand, windex multi surface cleans really well and smells very fresh
I really like how windex can be used on many surfaces around my home. I look forward to buying this again.
I like this product. I use it around the house to clean up messes and surfaces. I’m happy with this product and like how it cleans 99.9% of germs.
Great cleaner on more than glass! It leaves a fresh clean scent!
I was not impressed, though I generally like Windex for my windows, mirrors and stainless steel, I did not like the smell or efficiency of this product as a multi-surface cleaner. It is ok to use on counters for regular everyday cleaning, but I would not recommend it to clean up harder to clean surfaces, spills or dried up messes.
I am a house cleaner and have recently discovered a couple months ago that windex made all purpose cleaner!!! I was skeptical to try it as windex itself has a chemical smell to it and isn't too nice smelling (although it goes away fast) I was scared the all purpose cleaner would have that same smell. But it did not!!! and it works wonders!! It is an amazing product!
Works really well! We use it everywhere in the house.
I like to use this product for a “quick freshen up” cleaning. Leaves a fresh/clean scent and kills germs
I tried this product and didn't like it. I didn't like the smell and I found it went on to thick. I don't think it's a good multi disinfectant. I prefer to just use the vinegar Windex and only for glass and windows.
good all in one cleaner. Able to grab this and clean whole house. Found it worked well on kitchen appliances and didn't leave a film or residue.
Awesome product, I use it everywhere in my house! Works well and does exactly what it claims

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