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Smells good
Windex is the go too for window cleaner, no other cleaner compares. I like the smell.of this one but I find for some reason it doesn't leave the same sparkly clean that I am used to with windex.
Just smell
Great smelling product. Works quite well. Good value. I love how the house smells when I'm done. Good for cleaning and room surfaces. I would definitely recommend this product and def buy it again 👌
Great streak free nicely scented spray. It works as promised with a pleasant smell. No extra scrubbing or respraying to get surface clean works the first time. Love this product
cleans well.. scent was not my preference over all good product
Love the new scent
Does the same great job ckeaning and not leaving streaks as the regular blue Windex but smells 100% better!
Windex multisurface
Love the scent of this cleaner. I use it everywhere for daily touch up cleaning. Cleans well and leaving a pleasant smell behind. Although it works well on a glass and mirror too. for those I stick with the original(blue) Windex.
Works on everything
I use this to clean every surface in my home and it's amazing! It even works on wood.
The scent smells fake
I have used Windex multi purpose spray to wipe down my mirrored bedroom furniture. It does a great job removing streaks and marks. However I am not a fan of the scent. It's more chemical like rather than fresh.
Windex multisurface
I love windex window cleaner but I was disappointed with the multi surface cleaner. It does not break down stubborn dirt. Even with scrubbing, it was not as effective as other cleaners in the market.
I really like the scent of this product and it is a very effective product. I look forward to buying this again.
Works, but regular soap and works just as well without the chemical smell. I gave my bottle away.
I absolutely love this product! I love the scent it leaves and I live how clean it makes everything ! This is my number one product for cleaning!
Works fine, like regular Windex, but the scent of this one gives me a headache.
Life he the lavender and peach, it a great change from the original kind!, its works great and smells great! I will only buy this kind from now on
Smells wonderful. Does the trick. Leaves the house smelling fresh.

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