4.4 5 0 150 150 The goodness you want with the delicious taste and texture that you expect. Each slice offers 2 grams of dietary fiber, 13 grams of whole grain and just 60 calories.
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I use this brand above all ...I do recommend this to all...great taste. Next best thing to my home made
Wonder bread
Price of the bread is good, on sale a lot. The bread has a good flavor and is good for toast. Bad thing is that the bread dries out and gets stale fairly quick if not used
Good Bread
Bread is so soft and taste good. There are many whole wheat bread in the market however, this has some quality. You'll find many cheaper bread but quantity wise this is better.
Wonder 100% whole wheat bread
I have always liked Wonder products, but this bread is wholesome, delicious and perfect for a sandwich and my grandkids love it as well. Can you make it without the crusts is my only request? PATRICE
Good choice
Healthier than white bread. Great for Sandwiches (in Sandwich maker with ham and cheese...)
Stays fresh!
What I love most about this bread is that it stays fresh for a very long time. Very good tasting bread as well, and also very fairly priced. Great for sandwiches, quick garlic toast, or plain.
Great bread
My usual purchase for whole wheat. Always feels fresh, slices are the perfect width, not too wide or skinny.
Makes a nice sandwich
very soft with a nice taste, .good as a grilled cheese
With it being 100% whole wheat,it is good for me,& when I freeze 1/2 of it until I need it,it stay's as fresh as the day I purchased it.
Whole wheat bread
This is my go to bread. I buy this weekly. It has a long shelf life and it is always fresh and stays fresh for a while. Decently priced and it frequently goes on sale.
I buy this bread quite often been looking for healthy alternatives than white bread and so far I actually enjoy this one
Very good bread. Soft with a nice taste. Great for ssndwiches
So soft
Wonder is one of my family favorite brands. I love their bread, it is soft and fresh. Love Wonder!
Great value
This is a great value. Usually one loaf is fairly inexpensive. It's 100% whole wheat so I feel less guilty eating it. It's usually very soft and makes great sandwiches. Would recommend this if you want to be healthier without paying the price. It's definitely not comparable to the ones with premium ingredients but great value for the price.
Good for whole wheat
I’m not a big fan of whole wheat bread (I know it’s healthier and I should be lol) but considering that I find wonder bread to be really good! It’s almost always fluffy and light.

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