4.4 5 0 116 116 The goodness you want with the delicious taste and texture that you expect. Each slice offers 2 grams of dietary fiber, 13 grams of whole grain and just 60 calories.
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Wonder 100% Whole Wheat
I love this bread, especially for egg sandwiches. It has a nice consistency and is very tasty!
No difference in taste
I think it tastes just as great as white bread! My son ate it with no complaints and he's a picky eater.
Picky eater favourite
I have a hard time getting my daughter to eat bread with nuts, seeds, or flour on the outside. It’s nice to have a healthy option that I know she will eat.
It's Bread
When fresh, this bread is great. I use it for toast, sandwiches and in recipes. However, it doesn't stay fresh and soft for long. I also find the success to be just a tad thin.
Good bread
It's good for sandwiches or toast. Soft. Not too expensive and it goes on sale a lot. Freezes well so I stock up when it's on sale.
Ok for the price
I find it to be too dry. If you are making a grilled sandwich or toasted sandwich it's fine, but as above not that great for a regular sandwich.
So Soft
I like how soft the bread is. Believe me t or not the kids are picky with bread! They will only eat wonder bread. It toasts well and has a great flavour plain.
Our favorite
This is our to go bread. Especially our kids. I loved it toast with creamcheese or peanut butter but our kids like it to eat fresh from the bag with some nutella or peanut butter
Wonder Bread
Tastes good, like it as toast with peanut butter and sometimes jam. Price usually half decent
My favorite bread
This is my favourite go to bread over all other brands. It's always fresh and soft and a healthier alternative to white breads.
Nice Bread!
Great to make sandwiches for the kid's lunches! They also love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The shape of the bread being square is awesome too. It makes it much easier to spread!
Wonder bread
Not my favourite but great price and the grand kids like it
Good value
Honestly not my favourite however it is great for sandwiches. Good consistency. Prefer over dempster bread.
Not my favourite
I would prefer dempsters bread over wonder bread. I don't find the taste to be very pleasing
Toast and tea
Always enjoyed wonder bread. I especially like it as toast with melted butter. Fresh and tasty

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