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Excel gum
One of the if not the best gum..The flavour is amazing and the sweetner is not overwhelming..love the way my mouth feels are I chew this gum!!
Would buy again!
This is one of my favourite gums. It has a really strong and long lasting flavour.
I am glad that this gum is sugar free. I really liked this product.
I like wrigleys gum but this strong mint is definitely that. Overly strong.It is great for freshening your breath. No matter what you have been eating! Garlic or onions it really doesnt matter. you will still have nice breath. The taste of this gum almost takes your breath.
I love this gum . it is my favorite. I recommended to all .
Very good , love how it's naturally sweetened , no high sugars and the taste lasts long. Clears out passages.
Great long lasting flavour that clears out your nasal passage
These are really good, I have them in my purse often.
I really like this gum and have purchased twice.
I love Excel gum, but as the flavour suggests, it is a STRONG mint. Too strong for my personal liking but I did find that after a while the flavour subsided a bit to a level that I really enjoyed.
I love Wrigley`s Excel gum , but this strong mint the word say`s it all. Its way to strong for me.
I found this to be way to strong for me, but my kids liked it, go figure.
great if you need something to chew real quick to kill bad breath...but you can`t chew it for a long time as it breaks down rather quickly
I love all excel gum . My teens will chew nothing else.
Like most gums, the first bites result in a strong minty sensation. However, these lose their flavour very quickly, and I agree with the texture as it becomes hard and wrinkly very soon. I don`t find this gum especially special.

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