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Ziploc One Press Seal
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Always handy
These containers are always handy to have on hand. They seal well and are affordable. The price makes them nice to use to send leftovers home with friends and you don't have to worry if you don't get your container back!
Always have these on hand
I use these to store all of my leftovers. They keep everything fresh and seal easily. They are also easily stackable so they keep everything clean and organized. I will continue to purchase these as a go to!
j'ai essayé ce produit , l'année passée et je les ai encore même s'il sont en plastique mince , garde bien la fraicheur
Excellents plats
J'adore la façon que ses plats ferme, très bon plats !
I like them!
These are handy containers that I use over and over until I leave them behind at someone's house. They're not so expensive that I'll mind that I don't get it back, but they always come in handy!
Ziploc plastic containers
I have quite a number of them in the house for storing left overs. Lid closes perfectly well. Also good to use as a take along lunch pack. They are also microwaveable
Wonderful things
The best thing about these is that there's no more second-guessing about whether or not you've shut a container properly, just press it around the outside and then pump the centre square and you can be sure it's sealed (you probably only have to press once, but even with these I'm nervous and overdo it, force of habit.) They last well, store food well and are overall great value and a kitchen staple!
These are good for what they are. Hold up really well considering they seem so thin. Good product.
Ces portes manger comme on l'appelle très efficace pour la maison, elle ne prend pas d'espace dans le frigo et elle conserve la nourriture pour longtemps.
These containers are so convenient.They are quite durable.
I used these containers to store leftovers, after a few times the corner tab on the lid breaks. It has happen on many of the containers I used. This is frustrating.
I love these food storage containers! This is one thing you need more if you have kids. Use them to pack leftover food or to pack my husbands lunch. I use them for putting snacks in as well! Easy to clean! These are great because I can put them in the freezer or microwave! The lids snap on tight and do not leak!
I love these food storage containers! Sometimes it can be hard to determine the amount of food to have! With these it makes it fun and easy to portion food out! I use them for putting snacks in as well! Easy to clean! These are great because I can put them in the freezer or microwave! The lids snap on tight and do not leak!
I find Ziploc makes great products, regardless of the product you are looking at. After breaking both of my wrists, at the same time, being able to put food away, easily, is important. This product helps with that task. The only drawback is that it is a little difficult to open. I fully support buying Ziploc as Brank Loyal customer and recommend buying them, stocking up, when they are on sale.
I love these ZIPLOC ONE PRESS SEAL products. I use them everyday for left overs and to pack into lunches.

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