Zuru Neon Splash Bunch O Balloons Water Slide Wipeout (1x Lane)

4.7 5 0 20 20 Slide into the brightest summer on record with the Bunch O Balloons Neon Splash Water Slide Wipeout! Combine the thrill of sliding on water and splashing into hundreds of self-sealing, fast filling water balloons to enjoy a fun refreshing summer! Fill and tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds, to save time and unleash summer! Summer’s too short, so double your fun with this water fight, water slide combination! Bunch O Balloons stems, and caps are now made from certified recycled plastic, so you can enjoy more environmentally friendly summer fun!
Zuru Neon Splash Bunch O Balloons Water Slide Wipeout (1x Lane)


So much fun
So much fun and so simple . What more could any parent want . I disliked filling up the dreaded old water balloons . These full up and seal like a breeze m super easy to use and lots of fun
So much summer fun
My son had a blast with this slide- we added abit of dish soap to make it extra slippery- do much fun
Fun for kids
Easy to use but the clean up is a bit of a nightmare. I like that the kids can fill them themselves and I don't need to tie any ends. I wish they were somehow compostable.
Keeps the kids busy
Not only do I love this product, but I also really love this brand. It does everything as advertised and will not let you down. I highly recommend this product to anyone! It’s simply amazing.
The best
My family had an absolute blast with this product and continue to enjoy it
Easy and convenient
Was so easy to set up saves lots of time definitely would but again over and over! Convenient and fun for kids
So much fun
Our family loves the fun these water balloons and water slide is.. it’s so much fun for all ages, meaning children and adults.. great way to cool off and enjoy the nice weather.
So much fun
Everyone loves this. The neighbour kids always come over when we bring this out. The only downside is that the balloon's are a little too thin and pop easy.
Great for kids
Great for kids and all ages to play with The kids and the adults had really a great time play with those at a party or just for some summer fun we got those 4 bags to play with it was very fun
Family fun
My kids love it. It also comes with a decent amount of balloons. The water balloons are pretty thin, so they break easier on contact, but the best part is the family fun time we have. Always a bunch of laughs, amazing family memories.
As Expected
Its a pretty good set there are better slip n slides out there but its not that bad
Go grab yours, it’s already summer.
My son loves to play with water and when it’s summer he like to play with water guns and water balloons with his friends. These are use to fill and doesn’t require a knot so the kids can fill these up on their own. These are so hassle free.
My kids love this and I had a blast. Very easy set up the only down side is you will never be able to get it back in the box nicely
Bunch O "FUN"
Overall quality product withstanding more than one use with wild kids, and getting to toss balloons by the bucket at them? Pretty Cool. Only thing that could be better is bigger.
great idea
Anything that gets the kids playing and having fun in the summer, outside, is a wonderful idea. This sets up quickly and easily and the kids all had fun. The newish invention that allows balloons to be filled with water and tied, more or less automatically is such a fantastic idea. Where was this when we where kids? Just make sure you are aware of the location where you are setting this up. Check the grass for anything that might puncture or tear the plastic, i.e. thistles, dropped, sharp items, etc. A flat surface is ideal, but for older kids, you might want it on a slight hill, for more speed. Just be careful, to ensure all the kids are having fun, and doing so safely.

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