Zuru Neon Splash Bunch O Balloons Water Slide Wipeout (1x Lane)

4.5 5 0 33 33 Slide into the brightest summer on record with the Bunch O Balloons Neon Splash Water Slide Wipeout! Combine the thrill of sliding on water and splashing into hundreds of self-sealing, fast filling water balloons to enjoy a fun refreshing summer! Fill and tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds, to save time and unleash summer! Summer’s too short, so double your fun with this water fight, water slide combination! Bunch O Balloons stems, and caps are now made from certified recycled plastic, so you can enjoy more environmentally friendly summer fun!
Zuru Neon Splash Bunch O Balloons Water Slide Wipeout (1x Lane)


Wow!! Les enfants se sont tellement amusé. Facile d'utilisation. Les instructions sont facile et l'installation se fait très rapidement. Des heures et des heures de plaisir assurés!
Plutôt pratique
La façon dont le produit est conçu facilite son utilisation. On peut avoir plusieurs petits ballons en quelques secondes. Par contre, point de vue écologique, c'est moins bien. À utiliser lors d'une fête d'enfants, mais peut-être pas à chaque fin de semaine.
good amount of fun with the kids
spent a good couple of hours entertaining my kids with these water balloons. very easy to set up. just attach to hose and whole them not too far away from a large bucket, and most will fall off on their own or it just requires a little tug when they are big enough. they dont always burst when they hit someone , but break easy once they hit the grass.
parfait pour l’été
les jeux parfait pour l’été! Durant une fête c’est génial pour occuper les petits. Prévoir plus de ballon d’eau car il s’écoule rapidement avec plusieurs petit. Dommage que les résidus ne soient pas biodégradables.
fun for the child at heart!!!
this water slide is fun with the buncho balloons , can throw the balloons at friends that are over and having a blast sliding down the slide to the end half the time you land out of the landing zone, some people like some don't but that's ok, plus and put a trap past the zone :) (for adult point of view) but for kids they land in the zone perfectly.
So much backyard fun!! Only downside is picking up all the bits
Loads of fun
I bought this as a gift and the gift recipient loved it. Just need to make sure that your child is supervised when you used because it goes really fast. Otherwise, it is a super fun item for kids in the summertime.
It’s ok
I found it kind of hard to use and fill up with water. A lot of the balloons broke aswell, ( before I wanted them too. )
Bunch of Balloons waterslide
This is a great toy for kids of all ages .For use in the summertime Parents can even join in on all the fun
Mon filleul adore
J'ai acheté a mon filleul et il adore moi je ne comprend pas p.c.q. au bout d'un moment l'eau est froide et même en grande chaleur ce n'est pas moi qui m'y risquerait mais pour les enfants ça semble pas vraiment grave! Seul inconvénients de mon coté c'est que ça accumule beaucoup d'eau sur la pelouse.
Love it
It’s my sons favourite and he really enjoys in backyard and quality is too good as well
Summer day fun
A perfect way to spend your hot summer day just slipping and sliding down to the pool filled with water balloons. It'll be perfect for addition to a party or outdoor event. The only problem will be getting your kids to stop playing with it so they can come in for the night.
Water fun slide
Super fun slide, we played that at summit time, my kids hot of fun in summer , highly recommended to kids
Great for parties!
We used this for our daughters birthday party, and the kids loved it! I recommend buying extra water balloons because they run out fast! Will be using this every summer from now on!
So much fun
So much fun and so simple . What more could any parent want . I disliked filling up the dreaded old water balloons . These full up and seal like a breeze m super easy to use and lots of fun

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