4,3 5 0 226 226 L'Antiperspirant/Déodorant Lady Speed Stick Parfum Infusions au Jasmin et à l'Orchidée de Clair de Lune assure une protection contre les odeurs et la transpiration pendant 48 heures avec un parfum de longue durée.
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My favorite
My go to deodorant. Lasts all day long, smells so great.
Great product.
I love this brand, this one especially smells so good, if you haven't tried it yet you should give it a go, you won't be disappointed.
I always get Lady Spead Stick, but this one definitely is a winner! It smells so good! Try it yourself and you will never ever get another antiperspirant!
Works for me
The only brand of deodorant I use. I love the smells but it also depends on the season, I don't want to smell like watermelon mid winter.
Very good deodorant . Kept you dry very long time with a very nice refreshing smell
Too strong of a scent
I found the scent over powering. I know that is supposed to smell like perfume, but I would rather not be known for my perfume thank you very much! I would not recommend this unless you really like the scent.
Not bad
I loved the smell after I applied it, how ever it makes me feel wet on my underarms . I dont know if its just me.However the fragrance stay for longer
Not the best
This deodorant smells great. However I don’t find it does the job very well for me. I don’t usually perspire a lot but I find my underarms getting wet with this product. I won’t buy it again.
Love this fragrence. Most of all love the long lasting freshness that it provides Thank you keep up the great work A forever fan
Smells heavenly
Lady speed stick is my usual product to buy, I like the tropical breeze one, dont think I've tried this scent. Would want to
A great product whose scent gives a boost in the morning
I work long hours and this deodorant doesn't let me down. It keeps on working throughout my busy days. I especially like that the scent makes me feel like I'm clean and ready for the day. It doesn't stain my clothing and the price point is perfect. I highly recommend this deodorant.
Smell ya later
Ladys speed stick infusions and invisible are the only LSS's I've tried, and hands down for Many Years now, they stand as my absolute favorite deodorant. Wild freesia is my favorite scent. LSS fragrance last by far the longest and protects against odor the best. I have tried many others, and I always regret it. I'm a LSS user for life!!!
Quick optimal reliable
Just yet another good scent by speed stick. I did enjoy not just the smell but that brand doesn't leave a stain on clothes nor it gives you sticky feeling in your armpit . Best price
not for me
It doesn't leave white marks, but does not provide enough protection for me
I have used this brand for many years and it is very good. I saw this so I grab it the scent is very nice, doesn't leave any marks or stain . very happy will buy again.