4,3 5 0 15 15 Ce Gel Douche & Shampooing Hydratant pour Bébés est doux pour la peau délicate et peut être utilisé pour les nouveaux-nés. Il contient de l’huile de coco naturelle apaisante pour préserver l’humidité de la peau.
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Oily feeling
Didn't much care for the oily feeling this left on our son's skin , guessing it came from the coconut oil.
Not good for sensitive skin
I gave this product a 3 stars, because I really do like it however, both my boys have sensitive skin and one of them actually got a full body rash from using this!! Which is unfortunate because the smell is amazing and it really lathers up Jocelyn.
I love that it’s fragrence free. It doesn’t seem to cause tears either.
like it
it was nice gentle it helped the children very well and the scent was good
I really liked this for my baby!
I liked this product for my baby. Didn't dry out her skin and had a very light scent to it which did not bother my girls' sensitive skin at all! Would buy again.
Not just for babies
We have used this product before and have been very happy with it, I use it cause I have very sensitive skin and it leaves my skin super soft
My baby has sensitive skin and haven’t been able to find the perfect. However based on these reviews this sounds like A recommended purchase
Great another fragrance free product! Maybe with more fragrance free products out there, people will use these lines. Fragrance can make people sick and cause severe migraines. Yes, I will try this product.
I would love to try it out since im gonna have my 3rd baby soon! Will be happy to receive sample. Thank you!
I would like to try your New products I love thé smell of shampoo that s fresh for a baby and plus m'y son is going to have his first baby so I would give him as a gift.
Would really like to try this product....but have never seen it on the shelves in stores yet.
J, aimerais bien essayer body wash pour bébé .J' en ai entendu parler par mes amies il le trouve si doux pour la peau de leurs petits amours. Moi je l'essayerais pour moi pour adoucir ma peau et m'aider relaxer
Haven’t tried this product yet but my baby and toddler would love to try it.
Very good on baby's no rashes ..but I sure won't mind trying it but heard lots off good from it
I havent tried this product to be honest I do not have enfants.



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