4,7 5 0 163 163 Bueno est une barre de chocolat raffinée au goût séduisant. Chaque morceau, fondant dans la bouche, vous offre des noisettes crémeuses, du chocolat fondant et une gaufrette croustillante.
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Tastes great! I would love to eat this everyday of my life until I couldn't eat anymore. I love the chocolate taste it's amazing!
Kids favorite
My kids love this milk chocolatebar...really love the taste...
Almost as good as the original
I love Kinder Bueno and I prefer Dark chocolate over milk one. This should be my choice over the regular flavor However, the contrast between the sweet filling and the dark chocolate is a bit too much. It is still great, but the orignal is better
I like it. The nut cream tastes good. Every day I have one with my morning coffee.
Amazing! I mean who doesn’t love kinder surprise and then add dark chocolate mmmmm
I have purchased these plus the milk chocolate ones . They are the bomb and i love the creamy filling . I grab them everytime i go to the store and hide them from the kids.
Awesome Taste
I'm typically not a fan of dark chocolate but they did an awesome job incorporating dark chocolate in this! Amazing flavour, I will definitely be buying more!
great chocolate bar
loved the taste, the texture. the fact that its dark chocolate makes it much better, less sweet. Loved it from the first bite. Would recommend it, give it as gifts and continue eating it myself.
Bueno for sure
My husband loves Bueno but he only likes dark chocolate so this is a match made in heaven in my home
Great Dark Chocolate treat
I love Beuno bars but have always preferred dark chocolate. Now that the two are combined, it is even better than before. This is now my chocolate of choice.
Give me more!
I’ve always loved the original beuno bars and when I seen it in dark chocolate I was thrilled to try it. Dark chocolate seems to be a bit healthier which is always good. The taste was better than I expected and I will most definitely be purchasing this one again when my sweet tooth kicks inn
Adore dark chocolate- this bar is heavenly- I have to hide it away so that my tutorial children don't spot it- then It would be gone in a flash- Ahh, I shouldn't be a meanie- I'll get one for each of them.
Kids love it
My kids love these. Kinder is their favourite. When ever we’re out shopping and I agree they can have a treat. They always go for the kinder
Always love hazelnuts and crisp wafers.. you can't go wrong!
So good
Such a great light snack. The center is so yummy, I'm so happy that this comes in dark chocolate.



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