4,4 5 0 206 206 Croquants à l’extérieur et tendres à l’intérieur, avec une sauce miel et ail sucrée et piquante
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Easy and delicious
I bought them for host a dinner with friends and everybody loved them! Simply, easy to make and delicious
Pretty good
Tastes pretty good, not our favorite, but taste e.
Expensive for the amount and extra uneccessary packaging
I have tried these 2x now, and found that for the amount that is in the box, that PC/Loblaws are not putting in much meat in the box...the box is at least half empty, which is disappointing because they cost a lot. Also, the extra sauce packaging which I thought would be on the chicken pieces, not in a package, is a lot for the amount of chicken (it would make a bath for the chicken pieces if you used it all...and I hate paying more for a simple sauce I can make at home).
Not a fan!
We purchased a box of these last week because they were on sale. We didn’t notice until we got home that they were only 16% (I think) meat protein. When you eat them they don’t have the same texture as actual chicken breast, and the honey garlic sauce they come with is extremely sweet! I would rather make these from scratch with real meat!
The best I have ever tasted. They are the perfect size and so tender and tasty. The dill is amazing. I highly recommend. I had to go buy two more boxes as it was so good.
boneless pc chicken chunks
I am always looking for new PC brand food items. I found these to be very moist and good chicken flavor. The only flaw was the uneven sizing of pieces in the box makes cooking time tricky.
These were very tasty. Price was good too. Will definitely purchase again
So Yummy
Such a yummy product, the chicken is clearly real and the sauce doesn't taste from frozen. Would definitely purchase again.
Honey Garlic just ok
I've tried this product & found that it was just ok in my opinion...wasn't really a fan of the overall flavor of the product..found that they were too saucy..just not the best that I've tried
Enjoyed this tasty treats while watching hockey on a Saturday night at home
Very nice flavor, convenient for a quick meal. Do not overcook
Not bad for frozen chicken
I liked the flavour and they were convenient when in a rush and hungry.
Truly to good to be true!
These garlic boneless chicken pieces are truly to good to be true just as their logo says, the garlic is very subtle, they are a fast easy cook, I wanted to treat my family to something different and wished that I had bought 2 bags instead of just 1!! My family loved them I would reccomend them to anyone they were just great.
It was good
I was in the mood for chicken wings and was looking for something different. It was nice not to have the bone. It was meatier than I expected.
Great Tasting
These chicken bits are delicious. Perfect baked in oven. Great taste. Great Value. I purchase often.



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