4,2 5 0 23 23 Fabriquée en Italie, cette pizza classique Margherita est composée d'une croûte mince croustillante, une sauce tomate biologique, du fromage mozzarella et du basilic.
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Should have known better
I don't know what compelled me to buy this.....Too old for the old 'out late, drank too much,nothing else open excuse' but I saw Margherita pizza, and I buzzed on over to the frozen food section like a bee to pollen. Dumb move. Even dumber attempting to eat it, knowing full well that this pizza snob,in particular, a cheese or Margherita pizza snob, would hate every bite. And I did. The crust was horrible. The sauce bland. Clearly just an attempt to appease drunk hipsters, because of course, no one before them was as cool as they are, when drunk. Because every generation is so original at being an obnoxious drunk with no taste buds left to distinguish the good, from the bad and the ugly. This pizza qualifies for the latter two. Should have just stuck to the 80's stand by of nacho chips and sour cream
A must
It’s absolutely delicious. I really love the freshness of the tomatoes
Love that its organic and taste good as well. Would get again
It tastes pretty good. If it was a dollar cheaper, I would buy it. It doesn’t beet Dr. Oetker.
Lovin it!
Was AWESOME! I bought this because I was feeling lazy and did not want to wait an hour for my homemade dough to rise.
This pizza is really tasty! It's easy to make and it looks just like the photo. I love the fresh ingredients used to make this.
Only OK
The pizza needs more toppings. If you go over the recommended time by even a minute the crust becomes crunchy. The taste was good however. Being organic is definitely a plus.
Excellent flavour in a well-rounded package
Honestly wasn't expecting too much out of this but was pleasantly surprised! Very flavourful and lacked that frozen pizza after-taste. Very good quality
Trying to eat healthier has never been easier! Tastes so delicious and the price is so reasonable too.
So Yummy
Perfect thickness (medium) and just the right amount of crisp. Such a nice flavour, and cheese is very real. I love that its organic.
PC pizza
I found that the pizza was a perfect match of tanginess and cheese.. I will definitely buy again
REAL Italian oiza, here in Canada!
We tried this "nade in Italy" pizza, and my family LOVES it! The sauce is flavourful but not aggressively so, the crust is light and crisp, and the toppings taste fresh. Definitely one to consider for Family Pizza Night!
Crust was great could use more toppings overall taste was great as was texture
excellent organic pizza
loved this pizza, it was quick and easy to make. Served it as part of an appetizer when I had guests over and they all loved it !!
What I like about the crust, is that it is nice and chewy and overall good taste



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