4,2 5 0 99 99 Les recettes BISTRO EXPRESS(MD) sont préparées avec du riz vapeur, de succulents légumes et des herbes et épices regorgeant de saveur – rien de plus.
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Well I was quite impressed as to how fast and easy it was to prepare. The rice had a lot of flavour but it’s definitely not something I would eat by itself. You definitely need to prepare it as a stir fry or mixed with other food. Found the cilantro to be too much.
Loved the taste and texture.
Tried this rice and immediately we knew that this would be a staple on our grocery list. Like the combination of lime and cilantro as it was very distinctive and it gave the rice a different flavour.
Love these rice things
We have always liked these rice things from uncle Ben's and just recently tried this flavour. We love cilantro in our house and this was a tasty rice. I love how fast they cook and they are simple ingredients. Great for a last minute side dish or you can add things in to make a meal out of it.
Rice express
The rice tasted very good. The texture was good. The lime gave it a nice flavour.
Bistro expressions
Love the taste and texture. Fast and easy when your on the go and have limited time to cook, Would buy this again
Quick & easy
So quick and easy to make. The flavour is good too.
No Pots To Wash
I had a coupon for a free package of this, otherwise I wouldn't have tried it as it's a little costly. Served this with black beans and it was outstanding...and, bonus, no sticky pot to wash!
Added some to my burritos and tacos absolutely incredible and fast.
Quick and Delicious
I really like how quick and easy this rice is to make. The texture is still light and fluffy and the cilantro lime flavor is really subtle and nice. It is a great accompaniment to any dinner
Quick,easy and good
I love that it’s ready in minutes. The portion size is perfect for 3. I didn’t think I’d like the flavour but we actually didn’t mind
Great flavour
Just have to make sure you vent it properly otherwise it won't cook very well.
Basket rice with lime and cilantro
I usually enjoy the uncle Ben's products because they are easy to use and quick but did not care for this flavour.
Très simple
Le riz basmati bistro est très bon au goût. Ils une belle texture. Je le recommande si vous êtes pressés et que vous n’avez pas le temps de cuisiner. Ici, toute la famille l’adore.
Anything that tastes this good and easy to make is right up my alley Wife thinks I’m a great chef
Good flavour but expensive
Pricy if you want to purchase enough for a meal for a family, but for a quick dinner for 1 or 2 it was economical. Flavour was nice and smooth, cilantro was not overwhelming as expected.



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