3,9 5 0 35 35 Cette formule haute performance avec 3X la KÉRATINE LIQUIDE répare précisément les cheveux endommagés et remplace la kértine perdue, laissant vos cheveau restaures et faciles à peigner.
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Best conditioner for my frizzy hair
Amazing product. poeple asked me if i had a blow dry at the salon!
No More Knots
I love Gliss, I love how this conditioned moisturizes my hair and my brush can now glide through without having knots in my hair. Its alsp great for spilt ends. I always grab it when its on sale.
Not great for fine hair
It's smells great and I did have a nice clean feel, however, I have a lot of hair and it is quite fine, this unfortunately weight it down, no body and very flat to the head...
Great Conditioner
I use this conditioner in conjunction with the repair shampoo. What a pair!! Untangles your hair, leaving it glossy and soft. Keeps my hair hydrated and manageable.It has a wonderful, rich texture with an amazing fragrance that reminds me of coconuts!!
Moisture..lots of moisture
Great product. A little goes a long way. I found it was way too much for my hair. My hair is extremely thick and tends to be dry but this really weighed it down and made it greasy feeling.
Awesome products
I purchased this product recently and I’m very happy with the results! I colour my hair so damage is inevitable and this has helped repair my dry , split ends as well as loving the smell .
Amazing and my hair.loves me.for.it
What can I say about this product but amazing . My hair has been so much healthier and fuller and growing so well thanks to this amazing shampoo and conditioner. And it smells amazing . My hair has had trouble.growing and feeling healthier and this has made.thw world of difference and I will never use another bundle.ever again
Love, love, love
I love Gliss. It worked so well on for me. It made my hair feel smooth but not oily.
Once I finally found these in store, I purchased every kind. I'm loving this one! The smell is great and my hair feels so smooth after using it!
I have been using this brand for many years. I started out when I was living in Greece and fell in love with it! I am happy that they now have it in Canada. I am a loyal fan of this one! It leaves your hair feeling smooth, shiny and it has an amazing scent! I recommend it!
Shampoo & Conditioner
I have curly hair. Was really hard to rinse out both the shampoo and conditioner. Did absolutely nothing for my hair.
Awesome product
Love this brand. I live in a dry climate with pretty harsh water, which make my curly hair feel very dry and fuzzy. Schwarzkopf shampoo in combination with conditioner and hair repair oil make a big difference. I highly recommend this product.
Great product
Love you this product. Bought it on sale and really liked it. Left my hair smooth and silky
Great for moisture desperate hair!
Due to climate as well as salon colouring, my hair is dry. I am always looking for products to help bring moisture into my hair, especially my ends, without weighing my hair down. I've been so far impressed with this product, and have already purchased another bottle!
Found this to be great and does not weigh down the hair after using it and as well leaves hair feeling great after and very easy to rinse out compared to many others that i've tried



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