Annie's Biologique Enrobées aux brisures de Chocolat Barres granola

4,5 5 0 42 42 Les barres granolas biologiques trempées Annie’s sont une délicieuse collation nutritive à déguster sans remords dont vous ne pourrez plus vous passer! • Sans arachides et sûres pour l’école • Faible teneur en sucre • Faites avec plein de bonnes choses
Annie's Biologique Enrobées aux brisures de Chocolat Barres granola


Annies snack bar
It's a great on the go healthy snack. Perfect for lunches for kids and adults. Fantastic flavors and ingredients are natural.
Best Snack
I love Annie's snacks. I pack them in my lunches, cars, and bags for whenever I need something sweet on the go. No regrets on these ones.
Annies is the best!
So I've been very lucky to be able to have a sample of this granola bar sent to me and I loved it! Anything Annies is an excellent choice and this bar is no different. We now buy this when we are heading out on a camping trip to snack on while doing our activities.
Annie’s organic granola bars
Annie’s organic granola bar is the favourite of my youngest child it has a lovely chewy texture, a rich sweet taste and is made with organic ingredients which is important to our household. Would recommend
These are just okay.
A very small chocolate bar. They are good that it's peanut and gluten free. They are also healthier than other granola bars that are full of sugar. But the chocolate coat just doesn't taste "real" to me. They tasted very artificial and cheap fake chocolate . It is more chewy than I like. A little bit disappointed with the taste. Will not buy again.
I recently received a sample of these to try. Although I only received one bar, I have to say that these were pretty tasty! The only downside would be the nutritional content and the cost. Overall worth a try!
Mes enfants les adorent
Il sont moelleuse et tendre. Se sont les préférés à mes enfants
Exent prodcuct
This is an excellent product great taste and texture. My kids est themike crazy
I received a sample of this to try. Im not really a fan of granola bars and to be honest I didn't expect it to taste so good. I really like it and surely will be buying it and snacking on it most of the time
Organic Chocolate Goodness !
I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour since they're organic I thought they would be bland compared to the PC ones I usually eat ! I like the Cheddar Bunnies and different varities of Mac and Cheese by Annie's so these granola bars were no different. Annie's is a good brand.
Annie's awesome snacks!!!
This product is absolutely one heck of a tasty treat and is so delicious!!! Its a great snack for anyone basically and is also very good for u and nutritious as well. I give this product 2 thumbs up!! Cheers!!
Bonne collation pour les enfants. J’aime qu’elles soient sans arachide, mes enfants peuvent en apporter à l’école c’est toujours un plus. Bonne au goût
Dont like
I dont like Annie granola bars I like the Quaker granola bars better !
So good!
I loved these! I am a true coconut lover and these bars really satisfied that coconut desire for me.
Supers barres
Toute la famille adore cette nouvelle sorte de barre chewy, il s'agit déjà de notre marque de collation préférée cette saveur est l'une de mes préférées le rapport qualité/prix est excellent


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