Anti-transpirant / déodorant pour femmes Secret Outlast Clear Gel

4,2 5 0 244 244 Secret Outlast, avec la technologie Xtend, vous offre une protection illimitée de 48 heures contre les odeurs corporelles.
Anti-transpirant / déodorant pour femmes Secret Outlast Clear Gel


I really like secret deoderants and they have types that won’t mark your clothes too
Love this
I love they way it feels it’s super fresh and clean smelling and makes me less self conscious
Outstanding n not just for underarm
Hi ladies, first of all this is going to be a little bit of a different review and very personal. At the age of 57 I find that not every season or time of the year does every single product I normally use work. I do love this product it does work for me at certain times but may I say that if you are a little endowed on the top and find that you sweat a little. which may cause a rash, redness, or odour. if you jump in the shower dry off and rub the gel deodorant under your breasts you’ll find that you won’t get a rash, you won’t even be bothered. it’s amazing it does help a lot give it a try you’ve got nothing to lose.
My go to
This is my usual one. I have tried others but always come back to this one.
I swear this is the best deodorant I have ever used in my entire life! Not only does it work well but it lasts a long time and the smell is actually quite nice and not over powering,
I like secret deodorant, just not the gel kind
I am normally a Secret deodorant user and this kind was on sale so I thought I would give it a try. I like the fact that it does keep me dry throughout the day and is a good odor blocker. My issue is when I first put it on it is pretty moist and that tends to transfer to whatever shirt I am wearing. I find the first hour of wearing that it is a little uncomfortable for me as it feels wet.
My regular brand
I have tried numerous brands and is the one I seem to go back to. I like how dry it keeps me and the light scents they offer. It stays invisible and doesn't leave gunky residues.
My favorite
This is my go ro deodorant that i love to use. Smells amazing and lasts awhile. Dries fast and and leaves no residue. Overall no issues with the product.
Très bien
Il ne laisse pas de trace et je suis au sec avec ce produit ! Et sens très bon
works great and keeps me dry!
no residue, leaves me dry all day with no worries about losing its strength!
Love it
I like this clear gel antiperspirant as compared to the powdered white gooey antiperspirants because they leave marks on my shirts all the times. I use it daily and it is very effective in masking the BO even after my workouts.
Highly recommended, in my top list
I use this product all the time, it goes on clear, it helps with sweating for a few hours. This one doesn’t get clumpy and it isn’t streaky on dark clothes. Love the screw ups with the little holes in the top instead of a white chunk. I recommend this product to anyone, it’s worth it for sure.
Not for excessive sweaters
If you are an excessive sweater like me, I wouldn't recommend this. I still sweat through this after about an hour of application. The scent is great and I love the texture. If you don't sweat too much, this is great for you.
Love this
I love that it’s a gel rather than pressing powder. You don’t get all the clumpy bits on your shirts or armpits, and it really does keep you smelling fresh all day long.
Pas de traces
Cet antisudorifique contrôle les odeurs de transpiration pendant plusieurs heures et puisqu'il est en gel, il ne laisse pas de traces sur mes chandails noirs. J'ai aussi trouvé des parfums qui me plaisent parmi leurs choix.


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