Apple Homepod Mini

4,5 5 0 16 16 Regorgeant d’innovations, le HomePod Mini d’Apple remplit toute la pièce d’un son riche à 360 degrés. Placez plusieurs haut-parleurs dans la maison pour un système audio connecté. Siri, votre assistant intelligent préféré, vous aide à accomplir vos tâches quotidiennes et à contrôler votre maison intelligente de façon privée et sécuritaire.
Apple Homepod Mini


tres bon et facile d'utilisation
I have two in my house and I love it. Good sound and easy for my kids to use it.
Apple pod
This product was a.azing and sounds great. Would be worth checking it out
Très bon
Un très bon produit ! Toute la famille adore on écoute très bien ! Super pratique
Super son
Le son est vraiment très bon, mais la connectivité Bluetooth laisse à désirer. Ayant toute la gamme apple, je m’attendais à beaucoup mieux, puisque je n’ai rien à dire pour la connectivité de mes autres appareils. Il faut laisser l’appareil près du homepods. Je l’aime bien malgré tout.
Good but a little confusing.
I'm not an apple user. However, I got one for a friend, but when we tried to set it up and link Spotify, we couldn't find any way to help, and connecting it through Bluetooth was a little difficult as well. Once we got it connected, it was fun to use, and there were a few limited features compared to Google and Alexa
Parfait pour le télé-travail
J’adore cet appareil pour faire des appels mains-libres en télé-travail. Son exceptionnel!
Great Home Assistant
I've used a home pod mini for a year now and it's been an amazing assistant. I use it to set timers when cooking, play music and a lot more. Only thing id say could use an improvement is the microphone. Would definitely recommend!
Mini pod
As I prefer finding out the new things and technology I really like it as it’s really helpful
Big sound in a small device
Bought.Reasonably priced. Received. Quick shipping. Opened. Simple packaging. Connected. Easy to join to Home. Listened. And loved. Awed. It's that good.
Perfect for the home
I use my apple homepod pretty much every day! they all pair together and can play loud enough to hear from another room. i use it while cooking, cleaning, entertaining! everyone needs it :)
Another winner by apple
Absolutely perfect in every way. From voice controlled Apple Music to casting your media to different rooms, HomePod in both sizes has managed to impress me every time we use them.
Fun and relaxing
I just got this cute little apple I pod it comes in a variety of colours and is very helpful in the kitchen searching and finding recipes for me to try with the ingredients I have It also plays music while I’m cleaning and cooking It tells me the weather so I dress appropriately and tells my kids dad jokes and makes funny sounds it’s so much fun my dogs look around for hours wondering who’s there I would definitely recommend this to anyone especially if your alone makes me feel like someone’s there
Love this product!
I love my mini home-pod as it delivers 360 degree volume. It has great AI technology usage and much better than other competitors who offer same products.
The best thing in my kitchen
Love that I can set multiple timers just using my voice in my kitchen. And I can label them. I also can transfer whatever is on my phone easily to the home pod. My only issue is that sometimes the wrong siri listens.
Apple homepod mini
Amazing sound, way better than any other I have tried

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