Apple Homepod Mini

4,5 5 0 83 83 Regorgeant d’innovations, le HomePod Mini d’Apple remplit toute la pièce d’un son riche à 360 degrés. Placez plusieurs haut-parleurs dans la maison pour un système audio connecté. Siri, votre assistant intelligent préféré, vous aide à accomplir vos tâches quotidiennes et à contrôler votre maison intelligente de façon privée et sécuritaire.
Apple Homepod Mini


Great speaker
Clear, crisp, sound, no background static or interference. I would definitely recommend a speaker to anybody in the market for one.
Great smart speaker
Great smart speaker. Syncs well with other Apple products and is able to be a beacon for other smart items that work in the HomeKit app. The sound quality is awesome for such a small item also. Siri could use some improvements in her abilities though.
very good
The Apple Home Pod Mini is a compact and intelligent smart speaker that packs a punch. With its sleek design, smart assistant integration, and impressive audio quality, this miniature speaker offers a delightful addition to any home. In this review, we will explore its design, sound performance, smart features, user experience, and overall value proposition.
Bon son
Je suis aller chez des amis et la musique jouait en arrière plan ,j'ai trouver ce haut-parleur intelligent super pratique et de bonne qualité, le son est excellent et donne une bonne ambiance.
Impressive Sound in a Compact Package
The Apple HomePod Mini is a powerhouse of sound in a small, unobtrusive design. Its crisp, clear audio quality amazed me, especially considering its size. Setup was a breeze, syncing seamlessly with my Apple devices. Siri integration is handy for voice commands and smart home control. Although the smart assistant can sometimes be hit or miss, the overall performance and sound quality make this a fantastic addition to any room. I’m thoroughly impressed with the HomePod Mini’s performance and recommend it for those seeking quality sound in a compact form.
Best home speaker for apple users!
I am very happy with my Apple HomePod mini. It is a small but powerful smart speaker that works seamlessly with my iPhone and other Apple devices. It has a beautiful design and a 360-degree sound that fills the room with rich and clear audio. It also has Siri, which is very helpful and responsive. I can ask Siri to play music, control my smart home, send messages, and more. Siri can also recognize different voices and personalize the responses for each user. The HomePod mini is easy to set up and use, and it integrates well with the Apple Home app. I can also pair two HomePod minis for stereo sound or use them in different rooms for multi-room audio. The HomePod mini is a great value for money, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves Apple products and services. I rate it 4.8 out of 5 stars.
Loved this iPod from Apple !
My niece has one of these and when I was listening to music with her I couldn’t believe how clear the sound was, the bass was great!! I highly recommend this iPod!
Great Smart Speaker and hub
Great product considering this was apples first attempt at the “budget” smart home product. Speaker aspect works amazing. Microphones are strong and work well for phone calls. Interacts well with apple home kit accessories and I love that the home pod allows me to share my home with family and friends. Would love to see some more intagration with more affordable accessories as apple certified products tend to be very pricy and not affordable for everyone.
A must have speakers
the sound is flawless ! the quality is perfect but you have to keep it clean from dust
Fantastic sound
I got this as a present and so glad receiving it. Sound is good for this size but very sensitive. Every time I dust it the sound play which freaks me out. Overall it is a good investment.
Je suis fan des produits apple depuis longtemps. Ce haut parleur est parfait. il a de multiple fonction, le son est excellent. tres esthétique et ne prends pas de place.
Love it
I wanted something small that could connect with all my devices seamlessly and it was a no-brainer since I use only Apple products. Great sound, you would imagine something this small could produce so much sound. I even throw house parties just with this.
Hesitated before buying seeing its side. But must say I am very pleased with this product. Great sound, easy connection with my iPhone and iPad.
Only good if you ONLY have Apple product
This device works as well as the Google home or Alexa but unlike these 2. It does not play well with anything but Apple. If you have a mixed home of devices then the usuablility goes down or all together doesn't work. Only get if you are in a Apple home only.
Decent speaker
We have all Apple products in our house so I decided to give this speaker a try. I use it for music and it works really well. It also connects to Apple TV very easily if you are wanting to use it as a speaker for your tv. I do kind it a little expensive compared to other similar speakers on the market.

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