Aspirateur de Voiture Dust Buster à Main Sans Fil à Chargement Rapide Portable Pour la Maison la Cuisine et le Nettoyage à Sec de la Voiture

4,6 5 0 86 86 La batterie à haut rendement utilisée dans l'aspirateur peut être recyclée plusieurs fois. Un nettoyage complet, sans impasse, et une gamme complète de produits de nettoyage pour votre domicile. L’aspiration puissante et le nettoyage en profondeur, en plus d'aspirer les poils d'animaux de compagnie et les confettis, permet également d'éliminer les fragments de poussière imperceptibles qui sont difficiles à atteindre. L'aspirateur à main a une durée de nettoyage ultra longue et est équipé d'un récipient à poussière de grande capacité, ce qui permet de nettoyer en profondeur et de dépoussiérer la cuisine, le salon et la chambre à coucher. La charge rapide, la protection multiple, la protection thermique, la protection de la tension d'entrée, la protection du courant d'entrée et la protection contre les courts-circuits assurent la sécurité de l'ensemble du processus de charge.
Aspirateur de Voiture Dust Buster à Main Sans Fil à Chargement Rapide Portable Pour la Maison la Cuisine et le Nettoyage à Sec de la Voiture


Great for Car and Sofa
It cleans very well pretty much everything, even pet hair, which I was doubtful of at first. It's very easy to clean even in corners, very useful and easy to store. I reccinend it.
Good bang for the buck n suction
Honestly, you get what you get for your book and it’s a pretty good banging deal. Honestly, you get what you get for your book and it's a pretty good banging deal. Mainly the suction power is the selling point.
Love it
This handheld vacuum has just as much suction as my household vacuum does. It comes with very handy attachments, holds a charge well and is perfect for keeping in the car. I don't know what I would do with it and I really like how lightweight it is
GOOD vacuum
am cannot wait to see you in the back of your life and you know what
correct pour petit travaux de ramassage dans l'auto et dans la maison
The only one for me
Out of all the car vacuums I bought (which is a lot) I can confidently and honestly say this vacuum works the best. The suction is very strong and it picks up every bit of dirt. If you have a lot of animals like me, the extra pieces, like the brush allows you to pick up the dog / animal hair that may be left from your furry friends. I would highly recommend this product.
Doesn't suck enough
I didn't find this picked up enough for me. It seemed like the power wasn't enough for it to take in what it needed to from the carpet and seats in my vehicle. It is quiet enough and the size is good, but that is all.
Perfect for the van
Anself Car Handheld Vacuum is great when you have kids or someone who eats in the car. Suction is fantastic, barious nozzles to get into hard to reach areas for a full on clean. Would recommend.
Superb Car Vacuum for Quick Cleaning
I work detailing cars for a living, so my vehicle(s) sometimes fall by the waist-side when I'm busy. The last thing I want to do after spending hours perfecting a customer's car is clean my own. That's where this vacuum comes in handy. It allows for quick, nearly effortless cleaning while also reaching all the nooks and crannies. I can vacuum my large sedan in less than 10 minutes, which is fantastic. The suction power is surprisingly good for such a small machine. It's especially good at cleaning up cheerios and puffs from the back seat... Now when we get out of the car, I grab the vacuum and clean up the mess right away, it saves me a lot of time in the long run. I definitely recommend this vacuum if you have kids!
tres pratique mais la duré de vie de la batterie ne dure pas longtemps
tres pratique mais la duré de vie de la batterie ne dure pas longtemps, sa fini par ne pas garder la charge aprés quelques mois
good performance
I bought this handheld vacuum for cleaning inside of my car and it’s very useful. It’s the most lightweight vacuum I ever had, and it’s long hose and nozzle can reach the deep narrow area between the seats with the powerful suction so that cleans my car very well.
A lire saver!
very convenient to use in the car and at home. especially if you have children and pets!
Great little vacuum
This compact vacuum works wonders, love all the attachments so you can get into even the smallest place , picks up very well, quite impressed.
love it
This is my favorite gadget, from cleaning up spills around the house and the car, the kitchen, and for spot cleaning. Great suction, and the dirt bag is easy to empty. I love all the different pieces for hard to reach spots!
Très bien
J'ai acheté cet aspirateur pour la maison d'abord pour son poids et sa puissance je suis très heureuse de l'avoir à portée de la main sans fil et toujours prêt à être utilisé pour les petits dégât je ne pourrai m'en passer


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