4,6 5 0 314 314 Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist. 3X l'hydratation en 3 minutes. Revitalisant intense pour cheveux endommagés. 263 mL
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
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Not as great as I thought it would be, silicone feel
I have purchased Aussie's entire line recently. So I decided to try this 3 minute miracle deep conditioner. My hair doesn't like it to be honest. It feels waxy and silicone like, and it didn't penetrate into my hair. It washed right off and took the moisture along with it. I rather use their avocado conditioner to be honest. All the rest of their line is great, including their leave-in. But this one is a pass for me. Hope this honest review helps:)
Love it
I love this hair product it is one of my favourite my hair always feels so amazing after using it i love the smell and love you don’t need a lot of it I would recommend it to everyone
You need to start using this!
If you use a hair straightener or curling wand, chances are your hair could use a deep conditioner... right?! Look no further ladies!! This will leave your hair silky smooth and smells amazing! In fact I switched over to the entire Aussie Line, and LOVE 💕 IT!!
Great product, easy and quick to use, my hair felt softer and healthier definitely added moisture, nice fragrence
Hair felt softer
Love this product I have long hair so the ends tend to feel really dry only, I only apply to the ends and they feel rejuvenated after I use it.
Truly Miraculous
I was very skeptical when I first saw an ad for it, but I decided to try it. It did work miracles on my hair. My hair is very dry and fly away, but it really calms it down and makes it more manageable.
Works nice
Every Week are use this on my sons hair he has curly hair and it’s thick and this just makes his hair she’ll extra soft and manageable
Love this brand
for my curly/wavy hair, this brand has always been a win for me. Love to use this once or so a week for an extra boost of moisture. Easy to use with the squeeze opening on the bottom. Always recommend.
Très bon produit
J'ai adoré ce produit lorsque je l'ai acheté . Il aide vraiment à l'hydratation du cheveux et j'ai remarqué qu'il adouci le cheveux!
Changed My Hair!
This product is a true miracle! I get very dry, static-filled hair in the winter and this conditioner transforms it and makes it so soft and sleek. I have fine hair and this product doesn't weigh it down at all. Truly amazing!
Miracle is right word
Have been a fan of the original '3 minute miracle' since way back when so had to try this version - one of the many updates and spin-offs now in the brand portfolio. I love how this detangles and keeps my frizzy, wavy hair perfectly tamed no matter what. I use it just once per week leaving in for a full 5 minutes, focusing especially on the ends. Results...gorgeously fragrant and softer hair that is so much easier to comb and style. Mega cost effective too and just as good as similar (but much more costly treatments I've used) such as Redken and Kerastase. Highly recommended!
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner
I bought this last week at Shoppers Drug Mart. I wanted to buy a hair mask, but I saw this on sale. I actually used this as a teenager when I used to have bleach blonde hair. This would bring my damaged hair back to life. It's a great product, and it's only $3 on sale. I used it as a hair mask sometimes. I would put it on and leave it in for a while before I showered. I'm going to try doing that again.
Best in the Market
This conditioner is amazing. I apply it and leave it on overnight. It really can't be beaten - and mostly because it delivers and is very affordable. I would suggest everyone give it a try before trying an expensive brand.
Great product
Great product for a great price. One of the best deep conditioning treatment I have tried.
so bomb
I've repurchased for so many years. I have extremely dry ends and I just slather this on in the shower and it works wonders


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