4,5 5 0 270 270 Depuis que l'Original Irish Cream (la Crème Irlandaise Originale) a été introduite pour la première fois, le monde a classé son goût riche et crémeux dans une catégorie à part. Et maintenant, l'expérience originale de BAILEYS™ peut être vécue dans une délicieuse tasse à café - matin, midi et soir.
BAILEYS™ Liqueur de Café La Crème Irlandaise Originale)
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Not my taste
The Irish cream version doesn’t suit my fancy. The French vanilla and caramel ones were good. Not great. We used to buy these regularly. Now we are using an Oat alternative creamer.
Tasty indulgence
This was great to try out and it was an extra tasty treat to add to my morning coffee
it's ok
not a substitute for the real thing, however, adds a little flavor to my work coffee. I try to avoid eating alot of this , mostly due to the partially hydrogenated oils, i feel there are healthier options out there.
Delicious but at a cost
This creamer is delicious; however, it is full of sugars and fats. I use it only when I have guests staying with me or at holidays, but I very much do enjoy it when I have it in my home!
Great great that you can enjoy anytime of the day
My husband bought me this to try when I was pregnant with my kids and would crave a nice cup of coffee with Baileys. It tastes just like the alcohol version but something that you can enjoy any time of the day
Meilleure creme a cafe
Ideal pour les jours de semaine ou soiree comme chauffeur designé. Pas trop sucré, pas trop grasse. Excellent choix!
Très bon ! Rappel bien le goût de la boisson alcoolisée. En semaine, c'est pratique ! Pas trop gras, juste parfait comme saveur pour un sentiment de relaxation
Best Irish cream coffee creamer
I absolutely can not get enough of this. It seriously tastes just like Irish cream without the alcohol. I love it.
Great flavor but a bit sweet
I really did like this creamer but I thought it was a bit on the sweet side. I would mix this in with milk so you still get enough creaminess without it being too sweet. Can definitely taste the Irish cream.
smooth and creamy
highly recommend. it has a great taste and it doesn't make your drink very sweet. My family doesn't add more sugar once this is added (but to each their own)
A staple
absolutely love this, since using it I havent needed to add any sugar to my coffee, just a little splash of this and were good to go!. Its nice and creamy and my friends really enjoy it when they visit as well.
Un ajout qui fait plaisir
J’en ajoute souvent dans mon café les matins d’hiver afin de m’aider à affronter la journée. Ça “pimp” un peu le café des matins de semaine sans le cotés alcoolisé de la chose (parfait si on part au travail après hehe) ! Définitivement un belle idée si on aime le goût sucré dans le café.
Baileys in coffee
Who doesn’t like a little Baileys in coffee? It is not like the real thing, but it does have a hint of Baileys flavour to your coffee. And you won’t get fired for drinking on the job. I do find it a bit too sweet. I have not seen bigger containers which would be nice.
Baileys Irish cream coffee cream
Baileys Irish cream coffee cream has an excellent taste And it’s very creamy making for a wonderful cup of coffee
Nice flavour
I’m not into flavoured coffee but I must say this one impressed me! It’s not a real strong tasting flavoured creamer!!! It was a nice change for my coffee but not something that I would use every time I had a cup!!


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