4,4 5 0 95 95 : Le rince-bouche Crest Pro-Health vivifiant multi-protection propre tue des millions de germes pour combattre la mauvaise haleine, la plaque et la gingivite tout en laissant votre bouche propre, revigorée et fraîche.
Bain de bouche propre revigorant multi-protection Crest Pro-Santé
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Clean, fresh feeling
Leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Not too strong and doesn't have that "alcoholic" after taste and "burning" feel to it. Will definitely purchase again.
Al probar este enjuague mantiene fresco y limpio tu boca
Crest 👍🏻
This is the main brand me and my husband buy. We for sure find it works the best! I’ve never noticed much difference in the different types of it “pro” or “pro health” but I would for sure recommend
Super bon produit
Je le recommande absolument bon produit entièrement satisfaite
Fraîcheur assurée
Excellent produit pour les soins buccaux,je le recommande c'est un des meilleurs sur le marché
Great product
This is the best mouthwash I have tried to date. My children actually like to use it and get disappointed if we run out! Please keep up the good work crest!!
Love this!
I soak my Invisalign trays in this and rinse my teeth with it. It has more of an astringent quality than some of the others which I like. Leaves a fresh feeling
makes your mouth sing it leaves it so very clean and fresh feeling
like it
I really like this mouth wash . It cleans well and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean all day
Très bon produit
J'ai toujours en main ce rince-bouche Crest car il laisse une très bonne odeur et fraîcheur dans la bouche et surtout le matin , c'est primordial d'avoir une haleine fraîche et en santé.
No Flouride
i mistakenly thought this had flouride in it. it doesnt. It really is a product to compete against Listerine and it also contains alcohol. I would use it sparingly, not sure its a great idea to swish all these chemicals in your mouth everyday.
Cheap and effective
All Mouthwash products are quite similar and effective however this flavor is quite smoother and nicer to my taste and choice. An A+ from me
Freshness in every swish
Keeps mouth tasting and feeling cleaner with every swish. Cleans teeth fantastically. Worth a try.
Crest mouthwash
Love the taste and makes my mouth feel clean. Great price. I have tried many mouthwashes and this is one that I like the best.
Great 👍
This is a stable in our home. We simply cannot do without it. One of the first stuffs I pack when we are packing for a trip.


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