Barre de chocolat au lait NESTLÉ AERO TRUFFLE Tiramisu 105 g

4,4 5 0 66 66 Si le chocolat au lait AERO est irrésistible, la barre de chocolat au lait NESTLÉ AERO TRUFFLE Tiramisu (105 g) redéfinit les moments de pure extase gustative. Chaque délicieux morceau de chocolat blanc caramélisé est enrobé d'une coquille de chocolat au lait et contient un centre de bulles et une garniture de truffe parfumée au café et à laquelle vous ne pourrez pas résister. Un chocolat si onctueux qu'il fond délicieusement dans la bouche. Vous ne résisterez pas à l'envie de détacher chaque morceau pour les partager avec votre famille et vos amis. Après tout, les bonnes choses sont faites pour être partagées. Vous aurez une envie irrésistible de FONDRE POUR LES BULLES.AERO TRUFFLE est également offert dans les saveurs Forêt noir et Mousse au chocolat.
Barre de chocolat au lait NESTLÉ AERO TRUFFLE Tiramisu 105 g


tastes like coffee
I had high hope of the Aero Truffle Tiramisu but it really just tasted like coffee. I was hoping it would have a bit more creaminess to it to balance the overpowering coffee flavor.
Je l'adore
Une excellente bar de chocolat au goût de café. Je n'hésiterais pas à en racheté
Calling all chocolate lovers!!
At first I thought like how dare they keep it original but than I had to try and I must say it changed the way I think about areos and trying new things it’s delicious! Yes yes yes A+
Super delicious
I love it its super tasty and delicious such a good snack I recommend it
Best chocolate bar ever
I've eaten more of these than I would like to admit. Silky and smooth chocolate with hints of creme and espresso
Very Good
Very, eat all of IT in one shot 😏, like the small creamy coffee taste
So amazing!
I absolutely loved this! Smooth chocolate with an amazing resemblance to Tiramisu! Like the real thing without the hassle.
Pretty good I guess , the chocolate is good but the filling is just ok
It's not tasty :)
Not only me, but none of our family liked this chocolate. I like Aero chocolate but not this one.
Yummy and smooth!
I am in love! Tiramasu is my fave desert, and this is a quick easy way to cheat.
Taste wonderful
My God this is so good I have purchased this the other day it was great I will be buying more.
Yummy 🤤
I’m a chocoholic and this chocolate bar fit right in with my addiction. Creamy and tasteful, I would certainly buy again. Much like the cold dessert only better.
Mouth melting chocolate
This chocolate is so delicious and tasty. When you eat it- it melts in your mouth with a distinguishing flavor of chocolate. I really like the flavor and enjoy eating it slowly. The flavor remains for a long time in your mouth.
Mouthwatering, best tiramisu chocolate
Oh my gosh! I have a sweet tooth and when i heard that there is a new chocolate called tiramisu i was like what the heck, really? because tiramisu is my favourite cake and when i ate the Aero Truffle Tiramisu chocolate i was shook. It tastes so freaking awesome, it has a slight coffee and caramel taste coated in a chocolate shell which melts down and give a blast lol. You wouldn't wanna share it with someone it's that good.
So good!!
I love this chocolate bar! tastes so good and melts in your mouth!

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