Barres Petit déjeuner All-Bran* Saveur Miel et noix

4,4 5 0 175 175 Mais tout peut se passer autrement grâce aux délicieuses et portatives barres Petit déjeuner Saveur miel et noix, qui contiennent 24 % de l’apport quotidien en fibres.
Barres Petit déjeuner All-Bran* Saveur Miel et noix


Great snack option!
These bars are addictingly good! They have the perfect amount of sweetness, are crunchy, and are very filling. I know they are marketed as a breakfast bar, but I like eating them as a mid-afternoon snack with some coffee the best. They also taste good crumbled up in some plain or vanilla Greek yoghurt to make a parfait.
Bon au goût sans être trop sucré, sec un peu Mais avec un yogourt ou un café c'est parfait, je me sens rassasié jusqu'au prochain repas en plus d'avoir les bienfaits des fibres pour ma régularité.
J’aime beaucoup le goût et donne une sensation d’être recasiez
all bran
Barre très croquante et sec, au goût de carton,je n'ai pas aimé ni la saveur, ni la texture .
Healthy great snack
I really liked the nutty flavor of this gran bar. It's healthy and good for a snack, for both kids and adults. Not sweet is a plus. Can easily find in the big box grocery stores or Shopper's Drug Mart.
Love it!
Such a good cereal, I really think it tastes great!
delicious breakfast with milk
I love this granola/cereal because it is absolutely delicious and healthy from a nutritional value perspective. I actually eat these all-bran bars as breakfast food...I break a bar into smaller pieces and mix with my fibre cereal with milk, and top the bowl up with fresh fruits. These bars are convenient to take anywhere and keep as a car snack! Love!
As far as breakfast bars go they r ok, I like the crispiness. I did find it a bit dry, u definitely need a drink with these bars.
Tasty quick snack
All Bran bars are a great snack packed full of fiber. I enjoy them as an afternoon snack at the office. They are just enough to keep me going between lunch and dinner bv and they are full of sugar like most snack bars
This is a honey nut bar eat it in breakfast and delicious breakfast
Perfect for busy mornings
I love Kellog's products, be it corn flakes or any other cereal, Kellog's is always my first choice. Being super busy in mornings, I had to skip my breakfast very frequently. Thanks to these bars, I am having healthy to go breakfast daily and on top of it, it tastes good. Loving it. Added to my weekly shopping list already :)
Kellogg’s All Bran Honey Nut Breakfast Bars
Very tasty and extra easy for a healthy snack on the go. The Fibre aspect is an added bonus because it really is delicious
Definitely love these breakfast bars for myself as well as my kids. They provide an easy on the go morning snack, and have a great taste that is kid approved in this household.
Love these, they’re simple and quick when on the go and taste fantastic, love the crunch!
Très bon
Joindre l'utile à l'agréable est l'expression parfaite pour ce produit.


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