Barres tendres au chocolat et au caramel Enjoy Life

3,9 5 0 51 51 Barres tendres au chocolat décadent et au caramel fait sans produits laitiers, mélangé à notre mélange spécial de farines sans gluten.
Barres tendres au chocolat et au caramel Enjoy Life


collation sans gluten
Collation sans gluten sur le pouce. Un peu dispendieux. Je n'ai pas aimé la texture.
Ayant un enfant avec de multiples allergies ces petites barres tendres sont juste parfaite. Elles sont vraiment délicieuses et je peux gâter mon enfant en ayant l'esprit tranquille.
Bon goût
Pratique et économique, c'est vraiment un bon snack pour dépanner et le goût est très bien, surtout le chocolat...
San gluten
Bonne alternative que j'ai bien aimé durant ma période sans gluten. Bon goût mais un peu dispendieuse
J'ai moins aimé cette saveur
J'ai pas aimé le goût ni la texture ce n'est pas pour moi!
Love the product
The bar is so delicious and has chocolate and caramel and has gluten free flour and very yummy
I like the chewy bar consistency as I am not a big fan of granola bars that are very dry and taste like I'm eating oatmeal but these are very soft and chewy and have a nice consistensy to them, I did like the chocolate but the caramel did taste very off putting it dosen't taste like your traditional caramel from a chocolate bar more so a darker weird caramel taste to it I've never tasted anything like that. Personally it wasn't for me but I am excited to try the other products enjoy life has to offer.
Pretty good
I really appreciate that enjoy life goes to such an effort to make food that is allergy safe. With this particular bar I liked the caramel flavor mixed with the chocolate chips but to me the bars had a slightly chemical aftertaste that brought my rating down a star. Still, I'll probably buy them again since the kiddos enjoyed them!
I’m a big fan of Enjoy Life products. But these are a bit of a disappointment. Not nearly as good as Enjoy Life Coco Loco bars, which I LOVE.
Great product. It’s difficult to find a gluten free snack that tastes great. This has great forget it’s gluten free. Enjoy life is a brand I would recommend.
Enjoy Life Snacks
Although I like the taste of a lot of the Enjoy Life products, if you are trying to be conscious of what is in your food - READ the ingredients. Don't fall for what's on the box. The taste is great, and for someone that is finding it hard to find the time to make snacks, I was buying these in a pinch (and the brownie & carrot cake ones too) and one day actually read the ingredients and was a little disappointed with the oils, sugars and palm oil. If you aren't one of those people and just want a delicious snack, these are really tasty.
I absolutely love these bars !!!! They are delicious and perfect to bring to school as a snack, and not too sweet ! I love that they have chocolate but still are healthy and filing ! I wouldnt change a thing and will recommend this to all my friends and family !
Great taste
Obviously the kind of item i like, it hasnt too much sugar in it
Great product
These have really good flavour, and are made with real ingredients. A lot less sugar than a lot of typical granola bars and they are more filling.
A hit
My son has celiac disease and a desperate desire to eat granola bars like his siblings. Unfortunately, he also has the most finicky palate in the house. We've tried just about every gluten free bar on the market. I have to say this flavour was a hit. He actually ate a whole bar before he announced he didn't like it. That's close to a miracle. I finished the box. They're delicious.


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