3,9 5 0 41 41 Barres tendres au chocolat décadent et au caramel fait sans produits laitiers, mélangé à notre mélange spécial de farines sans gluten.
Barres tendres au chocolat et au caramel Enjoy Life
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Healthy but weird
They are super healthy especially for school snacks, but they were weirdly chewy with a weird after taste
Honestly the taste is just awful. Its like biting into and chewing and forcing yourself to swallow and digest a small brick of sawdust and chalk.
Love the concept, don’t love the texture
It’s great to see natural ingredients and a yummy flavour but the texture is way too crumbly and it’s very messy for kids to eat
A co worker let me try a piece and was not a big fan of the texture nor taste. I can't describe the taste b/c it was odd and very fake tasting. Hopefully not all your products are the same.
Chewy treat
My friend had one asked me to try it it tasty and just right sweetness to it. I will look out for it at my supermarket. Get my own for my snack time.
Very moist
My daughter loves these bars. She has to eat gluten free and looks forward to this snack as much as any. The texture is so soft and chewy. She loves all the bars in this line.
Not as good as the others
We've had Enjoy Life Food products in our house as long as they've been available here. In fact at any given time, we have bars and cookies in the house. We bought these to try because chocolate chip and caramel, come on, sounds like heaven! Sadly, they were the exact opposite. They we're an odd texture, the flavours tasted very fake & no one in my house could stand them. We were highly disappointed. My daughter will continue with her choco loco bars but we won't be buying this flavour again. Waste of our hard earned money, especially with how costly the products are!
Gluten free
I have recently had to start a gluten free diet, and I'm glad I tried these. They are very good. I have bought several products from this company now.
So good. Chewy and great flavor. Great size. Everything in this line is delish!
Kid Approved
My daughters loves them, I like them as well, but prefer other flavors.
Awesome bars
These taste so good. They are healthy. They are smooth going down. Goid for a snack.
Great taste
These bars are great tasting and full of flavor and best of all, Healthy!!
Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip & Caramel Chewy Bars
These are a very dense flourless brownie with mini chocolate chips inside. They aren’t like a crumbly cake bar or a chewy brownie bar. - May an aquired taste for some? I find that they satisfy my sweet tooth while still keeping me full like one of those fancy protein bars. Most importantly, unlike most granola bars, these cause me no digestive issues whatsoever. It’s nice to feed the kids a granola bar they love that isn’t full of junk ingredients. Although I treat like a dessert - still has 7 grams of sugar...
All I taste is stevia
With all the wonderful ingredients I figured these would be tasty and great but all I could taste was stevia and for hours after too. Stevia is sweeter than sugar and needs to be at least 4 times less in baking. There is already plenty of sweet ingredients in this product and even with 4 times less I think there would still be too much stevia. If I could remove it and enjoy the rest I surely would.
My daughter loves it
I’ve bought these for my daughter as she is gluten free and she loves them. They are tasty and don’t taste like cardboard. Such a great product



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