Barres tendres aux bananes et aux brisures de chocolat Chewy de Quaker

4,3 5 0 132 132 Cette collation, aimée par des enfants et approuvée par maman, combine les bienfaits de l’avoine à grains entiers et le goût savoureux des bananes et du chocolat.
Barres tendres aux bananes et aux brisures de chocolat Chewy de Quaker


Chewy banane et chocolat
J'ai essayé les barres tendres Chewy aux bananes et brissures aux chocolat de Quaker. Lorsque j'ai besoin d'énergie ou pour collation, quoi de mieux que de se régaler avec une bonne barre tendre. Ils sont toujours frais et le goût de banane et chocolat se marie bien. Son prix est abordable et je le recommande!
Quaker banana and chocolate granola bars
Very tasty and great for a quick snack. Always rely on Quaker to curb those hunger pains. Great flavors too.
Approuvé par les enfants
Parfait pour la boîte à lunch, une collation sur le pouce ou pour un dessert. Bon au goût, juste assez sucré. Les enfants adorent et les adultes aussi!
Monkey Approved
Absolutely adore banana flavored snacks (which is a shame since there are so few tasty options on the market). Thankfully these Chewy bars are delicious! Perfect amount of sweetness, soft texture, and banana flavor. If you care about calories they are also very reasonable for a sweet snack.
nous avons adorer
bon produit nourrissant explosion de saveur
Great taste
Great to take on a outting like for walks just grab and go or long drives and nice snack to hold the kids over intill dinner time. Like them as is .
Banana and chocolate taste my favorite This is very good Good for all the family
Barre tendre
J'adore les barres tendre surtout les chedy
Let's go bananas
I really liked the fact that there were lots of chocolate chips in these bars. There was a definite banana flavour, but it was a little artificial tasting. Still, all in all, I would certainly buy them again.
Got one of these bars as a sample from Tasty Rewards. We have bought this brand many times before. Always a great product, this is a new recipe and there is a small difference. It tastes great. Lots of chocolate chips, good chew to it with a bit of crispness, and not too sweet. Walmart sells a box of 5 for $1.87 so its not a bad price either.
Delicious! But not everyone loved them
I love banana chocolate flavoured anything so I was very excited when I saw this flavour at my local grocery store. I thought they were delicious but one of my family members didn't like them as they have a slight "fake" banana flavour. I'd say if you aren't a fan of banana medicine you probably won't love these as much as I did.
So yummy!
These are one of my favourite snacks. I have them almost every day.
Yummy snack
I really like this flavour and I think the banana pairs perfectly with the chocolate chips, however, the banana has a slight artificial flavour to it. I would still buy it again!
Très bon balancements des saveurs. Parfait pour une collations rapide
Ahh.. ok I guess
These were alright. I thought they’d be better but nothing special. I would eat them if I had to but won’t purposely buy them again unless on sale

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