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Black Diamond® Tartinade
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I was expecting a sharper cheddar cheese product than what I got. I supposed if my expectation had been different I would have liked the product better. Just not what I was expecting.
Cheese spread
This is so delicious and tasty spread onto celery or crackers
Tartinade Black Diamond
Parfais pour étendre sur les toasts, les craquellins ou tremper les légumes.
I have tried it
I have tried it . Its not that good for me . As i wasn't quiet happy with the taste .
Easy to use Although there was a slight processed taste while I was eating it .
Greatr spread. Very tasty on crakers or on bread. I also poured some on my broccoli!
I would rather eat cheez wiz which is a superior product to this one.
J'aime bien la tartinade Black Diamond Jalapeno. J'ai fait une recette d'un petit guide trouvé avec le produit et c'est très bon. Pour ce qui est de le manger seul (pas dans une recette), je préfère Philadelphia.
I enjoy the taste of this product and how easily it spreads on my toast. A great addition to an egg breakfast. Definitely a nice change to the sweet peanut butter and jam breakfast option.
We really love the Black Diamond spread. My 17 year old son calls it cheese whiz for grown ups. We are not big fans of processed cheeses in our house and really love how this tastes like actual cheese. I have used it as a base for cheese sauce before, but didn't really like the outcome. Its great on bread, toast, and my sons favourite way to eat it is on crackers.
it is really good...my children loved it, they like it in their bagels in the morning
Nous avons été décu par ce produit . Son odeur est trop persistante et trop ressemblant au fromage kraft a tartiner.
I love how easy and versatile this product is. It tastes better than cheese whiz I thought. it's a thicker spead, like cream cheese texture. I enjoy this melted down on veggies, pastas & used in homemade mac n cheese. I wish it tasted a bit more unprocessed
I was disappointed. It didn't have the flavour I was hopping for
Délicieux sur les Bagel au sésame :) ou pour ajouté du gout au sandwich


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