Bondi Sands Mousse autobronzante Express 1 Heure

3,1 5 0 8 8 Voici le tout nouvel ajout à notre gamme de mousses originales : la mousse autobronzante Express 1 Heure allie la formule de notre mousse la plus vendue, à la rapidité d’action de l’aéro-mousse Express 1 Heure. Grâce à sa teinte-guide qui facilite l’application, elle est idéale pour quiconque désire un éclat bronzé d’aspect naturel, après seulement une heure de port. / Laissez cette mousse sur la peau pendant 30 minutes pour un hâle Léger/Moyen, 1 heure pour un hâle Bronzé et 3 h ou + pour un résultat Foncé.
Bondi Sands Mousse autobronzante Express 1 Heure


get a nice long lasting dark tan
does not end up streaky, just like competing brand st.tropez except this is more affordable, works just as good
Last all week
I’ll be honest I have used spray tan for over 10 years and this one stays on for a long time I am not too fond on the smell
This left very noticeable streaks and patches, I am familiar how to apply and have liked and repurchased other B self tanners . I would pass on this one .
Did a decent job
Tried it out a while ago and for my first time i felt like it was great but it faded kinda fast for my liking. Maybe it take a couple tries
Just alright
Bondi Sands is a great brand with great products that I have used in the past, and I was excited to use the 1-hour Express Self-Tanning Foam because it seemed like a great option for a last-minute event. The foam is easy to apply using a tanning mitt and has a colour guard, which I appreciate because it makes it easy to see if you missed any spots. The smell is not overwhelming like most other tanning foams and has a light coconut scent that lingered on my body for about 24 hours. I left it on for 1.5 hours because I got caught up doing other things. It was easy to wash off afterwards and gave me the type of tan the packaging claimed it would achieve - a natural, bronzy glow. I loved the outcome but was disappointed that it did not last long beyond the first two days. By the third day, you could barely tell I did anything. For the time spent doing the whole tanning process, the result was underwhelming, to say the least. I would only get this again if I was in a rush.
Didn’t work as expected
Bondi Sands is usually a trusted Name in at home tanning, but this time I found this product did not meet its usual standards. Yes the colour was lovely I had a light tan but I found it to be not as long lasting as it could have been considering the price of the product. On the plus side it does have a lovely smell. I would not recommend this product if you are looking for a long-term result.
So the overall product is good, and the tan is not yellow or orange. It is a great colour, it just does not last long. After one shower I was back to being the same colour that I usually am.
Not for fair skin
This product dries down quickly which is great for those who are advanced in fake tanning, however I am a fair skintone and found the color turned about a bit grey/violet-ish.


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