4,4 5 0 74 74 Les Bouchées granola Val Nature au beurre d’arachide marient le goût irrésistible du beurre d’arachide aux bienfaits nourrissants de l’avoine entière et des noix pour créer une nouvelle sorte de gâterie croquante, crémeuse et délicieuse.
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Nice concept, but could have been better
The concept and marketing are good. However, when you bite into it, the granola is a bit dry and not as tasty as other nature valley products. The filling is good but could have been more. The chocolate on the base melts in your hands pretty easily so it's a bit messy.
Snack Away
I absolutely love this snack and the fact that it's made with granola makes me feel like a little less guilty as it it's also a little healthy.
Delicious granola bar
I really like this granola bar. It is good for my morning snack with my coffee and holds me on until lunc hour
Really good but high in sugar
Loved the idea of this product was excited to try it but was disappointed in the amount of sugar Good for a treat but not something I am able to eat regularly because of the sugar content
They are ok
Much better than the peanut butter one's my son really likes them perfect little snack!
Coffee break snack
Loved the crunch not over sweet but definitely need my tea they were a little dry nice coffee break snack would buy again
Interesting treat on top
This cookie cup is quite satisfying without being too sweet. Much like the center of an oreo, the middle felt like the treat and the kids wanted to eat arou d it ans save it for last :) id buy again.
Husband and kids loved this product, only frustration is that it's not school friendly with containing nuts A nice change from a regular granola bar
Hide them
All the boys fought for them. Barely had Time to taste them. I hope i can fond them At Costco
Kid Approved
My son requested these, and was his go to snack for this summer. A bit of a treat without being too much.
Awesome snack!
It's a very delicious flavor, and a healthy snack for all family. The price is very good as well.
Bien équilibré :)
Juste assez sucré, juste assez salé, j’ai adorée c’est petites bouchées un vrai délice. Une de mes collations préférées! :)
Packed with flavour
I wasn't sure what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised! This little snack was packed with flavour and just enough to satisfy a sweets craving.
My Go-To
Really great snack when craving something sweet without feeling guilty. Has a nice crunchy outside and soft on the inside.
Very yummy
It's a very delicious flavor. I would definitely recommend it to anyone friend and family.



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