4,4 5 0 58 58 Essayez ces délicieuses bouchées protéiées individuelles faites de vrais beurres de noix, amandes grillées et arachides.
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Healthy snack with amazing taste. Would definitely recommend
Bonne expérience
Produit acheté en promotion et pas decue! Très bon, ça ne sent pas trop le café. La forme des carrés est bien. Attention à ne pas manger le paquet c est assez bourratif! Je recommande
Light weight protein
These taste pretty good and are a great snack for when you are little hungry and don't want to spoil dinner. Wish they had more protein content in them.
Tasty if you like coffee flavour
If you like a crunchy coffee treat, these are right up your alley. A healthy and tasty way to add a little protein to your diet. I like to keep them in the car for when I'm feeling puckish on my way home from work. I only buy them if they are on sale as I find the regular price too expensive
Fantastic Protein Boost
Love these Vector Protein Bites! One is enough to sustain me for a while, since they are packed with protein. Fells like an indulgence, but a great protein-packed alternative to junk food. And the taste was fabulous!
Filling little snack
I have a bag of these in my desk at work all the time. A great little pick me up that does not have a ton of sugar. It get's me past the 11 am and 3pm slumps.
My children and I both love vector bars. I haven't tried a flavor I didn't like yet!!
I'm pleasantly surprised by these. I didn't think I'd like them very much because I don't normally care for coffee flavored items, but these were good! The texture is a little tough, but it's fairly chewy. These are great for a snack in between meals. Definitely buy these again.
Love Vector products. The only snacks I buy. Love these bite sized snacks.
These are delicious. I really enjoyed the flavour! Highly recommended.
I have tried it. Their taste is good. But will be more happy if the bars are endured to be Gluten free
j'ai adoré le produit, çà goûte pas mal le café et ça coupe la faim juste assez avec pas beaucoup de morceaux. c'est des petites bouchées juste assez grosse. je vais probablement en racheter
These are so delicious. They taste like little chocolate bites. I ate the whole bag. lol I buy them all the time now.
Not as flavourful as I thought they’d be but still good
I have bought the bars and the cereal previously and loved both for being filling as well as tasty. Saw this on the shelf and thought it would be good to try. Makes a great snack between meals. Love the taste and small portions mean you can eat as few or as many as you like to get you through to the next meal and not feel guilty.



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