Braun Thermomètre frontal No Touch + Touch BNT100

4,6 5 0 91 91 Double technologie : pas de mesure tactile + tactile. Pas de mode tactile adapté pour le sommeil de votre enfant. Technologie Age Precision avec affichage à code couleur. Écran rétroéclairé pour une utilisation dans l'obscurité et en mode silencieux pour éviter de réveiller un enfant endormi
Braun Thermomètre frontal No Touch + Touch BNT100


This is a excellent product I love that it’s no touch
It works well
It works and it is definitely nice to have, much more pleasant than sticking a digital thermometer underneath your tongue or into your ear, and the results are accurate. This will probably last you for a good few years, the only reason it lost a star was because of the price. (It's hard to pay six times the price when the $6.00 version is right next to it on the shelf, just without all the bells and whistles.)
Such a great product
You’ll love this thermometer, it’s super easy and very accurate. Very important to have one of these at home. Also not uncomfortable for the baby so you’ll get an accurate read !
I am a pediatric home care nurse and I bought one of these for my work bag. It's very easy to use and so much nicer than the ear ones! I love it and would recommend it to any family!
Accurate thermometer
During the pandemic we have used several different types and brands of No touch thermometers. This one is the most accurate and user friendly
Good product
Works really well and handy when a baby doesn’t stay still! Would highly recommend :)
Covid helper
We got this when Covid started, our son was about 1 and he hated anything going in his ear. So we couldn’t use a ear thermometer. This was great it was just a touch to his forehead and bang we knew I’d he had a fever or not. Great for the whole family to use.
Je l ai acheter chez walmart y a deux semaine je l ai utilisé hier tout la nuit car bebe a eu son deuxieme vaccins je suis trs satisfaite ca fonctionne tres bien
Easy to use
I got this for my son for although he is 11 he does not like regular thermometers. It was easy to use and relatively accurate. And good for whole family esp now with Covid
Very good
I actually purchased it recently as i had fever on and off for couple of days. I didn’t had the digital one before but it was easy to use.
Easy to use
I actually putchased it recently as my daughter had fever on and off for couple of days. I didn’t had the digital one before so it was really hard. But after purchasing this one I am really happy and satisfied because my kids don’t have to wait longer time for the reading and also you just insert in their ear and 3 seconds you have the results
easy to use
This is very helpful especially when you have kids. It's easy to use and result is on time. Must have
Great product
This is an amazing item it makes taking tempatures so mush easier.
I bought this because i need to sign in a personal health report daily due to covid for my daughter. It made it so easy no wrestling with her to get an accurate read of her temp. Its also super quick and study
I borrowed this from a friend when I had pneumonia. It took my temperature quickly and accurately.


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