4,1 5 0 104 104 Oh, bonjour! La boisson à base d’eau pétillante bubly™ combine de l’eau pétillante vive et rafraîchissante avec de savoureux arômes naturels. Il s’agit de la boisson parfaite pour toutes les occasions. Sans calories ni édulcorants, mais plein de sourires!
bubly Cerise d'eau Pétillante
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Healthier choice
I bought these to try as it seems to be popular with some folks. For me, well it’s sugar free so healthier choice but taste wise not the best choice.
It's not bad, it tastes like salty, flavoured water. If that's your thing, that's your thing!
Enjoyed this drink, tasteful not bland would recommend this product
just bad
the flavor was terrible, I could not identify what the flavor, and it left a bad after taste in my mouth.
Taste's great
I like the variety of selection for this brand, as the flavors have some good unique selection. And if you mix them with some rum, they make a really good beverage.
I’m not usually a fan of carbonated fruit drinks but this one was surprisingly good. I will try the other flavours now after trying this.
Great alternagive
Overall I think this product is a great alternative to your every day "pop". It's healthier and it has really great flavour. They have different flavours to choose from so there is lots of variety. Overall I really like the product and it is good value for the money. I would recommend to friends and family.
Love bubly for a change from regular, sugary sodas. Cherry and peach are my favourites!
Refreshing taste
For a healthy alternative to regular soda pop this is amazing. I feel it's a great chiose to have in hand for the kids. Kids like the taste as well as the adults in your house hold.
Flavour- hits the (un)sweet spot!
A flavour reminiscent of black cherry sodas (like clearly canadian?) but no fake sweetness or overwhelming syrup-like taste common with flavoured beverages. Would have given five stars if the fizz were a bit more subtle.
Love all the bubbly flavors. I drink it regularly. my kids are not big fans
Cherry Bubly Review
I've tried a few flavors of this beverage. All of them have been ultimately a pleasant experience. Cherry is a big hit, I love it. Beats regular soda, hands down!
Husband liked product but he enjoys sparkling water sometimes..Myself not so Cherry Flavour was strong enough but without the sweetness it was just not for me...Sorry Hunny, but as I do the shopping I will not be purchasing the again...
Favourite Flavour!
I have tried other bubly sparkling water flavours bfore such as grapefruit, orange and lemon but this cherry flavour is now much favourite. not too sweet. nice sparkly water that isn't too sparkly and best is that it has no calories at all!
Great taste
Great taste without the sugar. Very refreshing. Great over ice or without. Love all the different flavours.



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