4,1 5 0 104 104 Oh, bonjour! La boisson à base d’eau pétillante bubly™ combine de l’eau pétillante vive et rafraîchissante avec de savoureux arômes naturels. Il s’agit de la boisson parfaite pour toutes les occasions. Sans calories ni édulcorants, mais plein de sourires!
bubly Cerise d'eau Pétillante
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This has become one of my favourite flavoured, carbonated waters. Zero calories and delicious cherry flavour that doesn't taste artificial. I'd love to see these products in bottles.
Good buy !
This is exactly what it claims to be , a sparkling water !! It's very bubbly for sure. The cherry taste is so very tasty as well !! If you're looking for a great cherry flavoured sparkling water this should be the one you pick !
Affordable and tasty bubly water
My family is a big fan of the Bubly sparkling water. We love the tasty of the cherry one (my kids' favorite flavour). It's super refreshing, calorie free and really affordable too. I highly recommend it and I will keep buying it in the future!
Good flavors sparkling water
Good flavoured sparkling water if you are looking for sparkling water without artificial color or flavor and without sweetener. For me it tastes blank, and becomes without sparkles in no time.
Bubly deliciousness
Cherry flavour is present, refreshing and pleasant to the palate. It’s my favourite flavour of all the bubly drinks and the one I can definitely say has flavour that is noticeable and not overwhelming
Not a Fav
Having decided to venture into the flavoured waters in hopes of leaving pop behind, we tried Bubly Cherry and Orange flavours. The hardest part to adjust to was there was no sweetness to it at all. The cherry flavour was there but the sharp tartness of it was too strong for me. My son wasn't fond of the orange flavour either. We ended up giving the rest of both cases away to friends who used it for mixed drinks. This is definitely a product we will pass on in the future.
bubly Cherry Sparkling Water
I love bubly, just the right amount of flavor and lots of bubbles, perfect for any time of day!
Great Alternative
I bought this as an alternative to pop, but I also hate soda water. The flavour was ok, mostly tasted after swallowing. Has too much soda water flavour for me, but I added some water flavour and it was perfect. Stays fizzy for a long time
Great flavor
I love sparkling water and these Bubly Sparkling Waters with refreshing flavors are really great to feel refreshed and hydrated. The cherry flavor is great. It isn't too overpowering but a nice sweet flavor that makes plain water just so much better to drink without all the sugar. Really a great alternative for soda.
Loved it
I really love Bubly products usually. The cherry flavored Bubly is my favorite by far. It reminds me of the cherry slushies but without the sugar.
Nice alternative to pop and juice
Bubbly is strong but lightly flavoured if that makes any sense. I think because it's not sugary, the flavour doesn't feel like there's enough but at the same time, it's a strong taste. I enjoy the as a refreshing alternative to overly sweet pop and juice. The cherry is good but I can see how some people feel it may taste like cough syrup.
Bubly Cherry
It had a medicinal taste to it. Not my favourite from Bubly
I loved the intense flavor. can't believe it is sugar free. and it is really so bubbly.
Kellymlg76 @gmail.com It was refreshing tasty and bubbly!! And I would absolutely buy it again and also recommend it to others.
Liked it!
I liked the flavour, just didn’t love it. Love lime and blackberry!



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