4,1 5 0 104 104 Oh, bonjour! La boisson à base d’eau pétillante bubly™ combine de l’eau pétillante vive et rafraîchissante avec de savoureux arômes naturels. Il s’agit de la boisson parfaite pour toutes les occasions. Sans calories ni édulcorants, mais plein de sourires!
bubly Cerise d'eau Pétillante
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Simply Perfect
I enjoy the taste of this product. My favorite flavor is pink grapefruit but I really like this one too ! Try it! Zero sugar zero calories!
just ok - average!
I could take it or leave it. I will not purchase again as it did not have enough fizz for me nor did the taste appeal to me. I may try another flavour however
Very Cherry
I love cherry in general.. Bubly tastes like cherry real cherry not fake. It makes my mouth happy
Bon mais pas toutes les saveurs
Excellent goût concernant certaines saveurs. Aucun goût de sucre. Eau pétillante et saveur tout simplement. Très rafraîchissant en été servi sur glace, facile a transporter , merveilleux a la piscine ou la plage. Même mes enfants ont pris goût a la Bubbly.
Refreshingly tasty!
Excellent taste not too sweet. Enough flavour and a good amount of fizz
Sorry to say this beverage was not to my taste. I did not like the aerated drink.
Very Refreshing
Very refreshing on its own or used as a cocktail mixer. Flavor is subtle and pleasing.
carbonation and flavour
Love it! great amount of carbonation:)My favorite thing about this would be how refreshing it is. It could use a little bit more flavour but over all I recommend it if you want a nice refreshing drink without the artificial taste.
Great taste, with the right amount of carbonation. This is a light refreshing drink that I would recommend to anyone. It has 0 calories, lots of flavour and great taste! It can be mixed with alcohol or drank alone. It’s better than pop and great for kids and adults alike!
Such a great alternative to plain water! Absolutely love this brand and all the flavours. It’s affordable, good quality, great tasting and no additives. Would 100% recommend this product
Am I the only person who hates this drink?
the flavour is blah and yuck. Even trying to mix it with cranberry juice can't help it. What a waste of money.
Excellent product
I have tried numerous flavors and have to say that they have all been great.
My favorite
Cherry is my favorite flavor of the bubly sparkling water family. Great taste! It is really refreshing on a hot summer's day. It's my go to.
So good!
I love the quiet sparkly taste of this product. It has a great flavour and the zest you want in a pop but none of the sugar!
Ses la meilleure sorte de bubbly abordable et prèféré



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