Caprice Rouleaux de gaufrette grecque avec garniture aromatisée au chocolat noir

4,8 5 0 29 29 Caprice a été une marque leader parmi les confiseries en Grèce et est rapidement devenue la marque phare de la société. Caprice est maintenant distribué dans plus de 57 pays sur 5 continents.
Caprice Rouleaux de gaufrette grecque avec garniture aromatisée au chocolat noir


Good, but too addictive! lol
The Caprice dark chocolate cookies are deliciously good, but I do find them to be quite addictive; I blame the packaging as the can makes you want to eat more.
Ultimate chocolate treat
These chocolate wafer rolls are the ultimate chocolate lovers treat that they can give themselves! I love these as pick me ups and just for every occasion when there are close friends over! I can’t share them with just anyone! That’s how much I love these!! Decadent, rich, creamy.
Chocolate sticks
These are so crunchy and flavorful. The dark chocolate ones tastes so good and trust me you’ll love it too.
Perfect wafer crisp
I love wafers. I prefer hazelnut and cappuccino flavors over dark chocolate but the crisp of this wafer is perfect. You would love. Trust me.
Caprice Greek wafer rolls with dark chocolate flavoured filling can be found at our local dollar store and they are so worth the 3$. Crispy, flaky and crunchy with a smooth dark chocolate middle is just everything. If you see these, do yourself a favour and pick a tin or three up. I also love to make Christmas treats with these but that’s my secret. Would highly recommend.
Love these
These are decadent, not bitter like dark chocolate sometimes is. Addictive!
Kids love it even I do. I am a big chocolate lover would definitely buy it.
Great Tasty Snack
I loved how light and crisp these wafer bars were, they provided for a great snack without being too sweet. I have also tried the Vanialla flavour and it's equally good. The only slight downside is that the packaging is small and doesn't contain a lot of product.
The only negative part about this product is that once I eat one I have to finish the whole box. I recommend freezing them too &/or eat with ice cream. One of my fav snacks. Wish it were easier to find in stores.
super crunchy
if you like chocolate milk i recommended drinking it through these straws, it’s so good
These are amazing
oh my god these taste so good. literally my favorite go to snack. This is something I always have in my house but can't seem to keep in the house. Everyone enjoys them.
All I can say about them is that, they truly are Delicious! I have to stop myself from eating the whole can!
Caprice chocolate sticks
When I first tried this product I wa pleasantly surprised how light & delicious these were...most enjoyable.
Love them
These are so good, could eat a whole pack myself.
Perfect little treat
Perfect little cookie/chocolate treat. These are my sons favourite cookies, and I don’t mind him or myself indulging in a couple as they are not huge or overly sweet


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