4,4 5 0 255 255 Les capsules Tide PODS sont une solution de lessive 3 en 1 qui consiste à la fois d’un détergent, d’un détachant et d’un protège-couleur.
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The best yet
Omg please buy all same products and see how your clothes stay new
Good product
These pods are ok. They don’t always seem to dissolve in the wash despite being he wash friendly in small loads nor the water temperature so my concern is are they truly cleaning ?
facile a utiliser s est ma préférer sans dégât. tu prend la dose est c est fait
My Favourite Thing About Laundry!
I absolutely love TidePods. The scent and comfort of knowing just the right amount of detergent and softener makes me more confident as a consumers. I highly recommend this product.
Convenient but sometimes problematic
I got this on sale and it washes ok, but some of the white stuff always stays on the fabric, so I had to wash it all again, which is wasteful and annoying. I finally realized I had to put the pod on the lint filter in such a way that the incoming water would hit it, but I won't be buying it again.
I love tide
I love tide pods there so easy to use and our clothes come out smelling amazing and clean. And the smell stays a while. Sometimes they are expensive. I would recommend always
Tide pods
Pretty convenient to use, I am a big fan of Tide products and pods were no different from the classic packaging. I love the fact that it left my clothes smelling very fresh. I would recommend it.
Tide pods
So easy to use I can let my young son use it to help with laundry. Love the way it completely cleans the clothes and bedding. Only laundry product I use now.
Convenient but not able to use
Tide pods are super convenient and are wonderful in that regard. However, whatever chemical composition is involved in the scents triggers my allergies like no tomorrow. It causes sneezing fits whenever i would put my laundry away. A real shame, it would have been a great convenient way to get my husband to be able to help with laundry (he's bad with knowing how much detergent to use). I'd recommend this only to those with minimal allergies or at least none to scents. I'm not allergic to all scents, but some really trigger my allergies. I haven't found a connection unfortunately
Works well, scent is strong
I love these pods as they are thin and dissolve in the wash. The scent is a bit strong for my liking but it does the job well. Very convenient to use as no measuring or pouring needed.
I love how easy and convenient these are. But I would never re purchase for the price point! Also I feel like the melting plastic isn’t good. But it I get some samples at Costco I for sure use them!
Best laundry pods by far
Love these little wonders! They are so simple to use, no measuring, no fuss, no brainer. I use 2-3 for extra large loads and the wash comes out perfectly every time. Love these pods!
Comme beaucoup de gens j'achetais des produits à lessive moins cher. Jusqu'au jour où les pods étaient en spécial. J'ai vu une réelle différence en ce qui concerne les taches. Depuis, je préfère débourser plus pour garder mes vêtements plus longtemps. Et puis j'adore l'odeur.
I was skeptical
"Why do they have to keep changing the formula?" That was my initial thought about Tide Pods. I was disappointed when powder was phased out. Are these pods really supposed to take the place of powder, and now liquid? I don't like overwhelming scents in my laundry products so I stood in the store sniffing this for a bit (you read that right :) ) then decided to give it a try. I'm happy with the results. My clothes were clean and I didn't have a headache as a result of clothes that were too perfumey.
This product is so simple and easy to use! It makes your clothes stay fresh and look like brand new! They work for whites, light colours as well as dark colours. The clothes are so clean after and smell so nice!! We use them for our clothing, our bedding as well as our towels. This product is for sure a time saver in in the sense that we do not have to measure our cups of detergent, softener or throw Oxi in anymore!! This is definitely a great investment.



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