4,4 5 0 285 285 Les capsules Tide PODS sont une solution de lessive 3 en 1 qui consiste à la fois d’un détergent, d’un détachant et d’un protège-couleur.
Capsules de détergent à lessive Tide PODS HE Turbo, parfum Spring Meadow
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Not my fav
I want not a fan of this laundry pad. Twice I went to put my wash in dryer and the laundry pod was still intact!! No happy.
I like em
Well they r great.. Everyone knows that. Every one also has tried to taste them haha jk kiding yes th ey r gokd and they smell every good as well it dies the job with 2 pods and a full load
I I like to smell and I like the way it doesn't have that much dirtiness when I clean and wear
Best scent and powerful clean
This is probably my most favourite brand and scent works great on stains and leaves clothes clean and also smells amazing!!
Tide sent très bon et lave très bien, je recommande ce produit a tout le monde. Bonne qualité mais prix un peu élevé.
I baught this to try it and it works and smells amazing
These pods are amazing and easy to use i am disabled so this product is perfect unlike the liquid forum where you need to measure before useing with this product you just grab one pod and drop it in
It's a decent product but.....
I use to love Tide until they started adding more and more chemicals to their products. Tide works well and also have great scents.
J'ai aimé seulement lorsque je lave mes vêtements à l'eau chaude. Sinon lorsqu'il sont à l'eau froide, le plastique ne se défait pas entièrement, ce qui laisse des résidus.
Smells great
I buy this product when it's on sale. My clothes are clean and smell really nice.
It’s ok
I use to use it before but I do feel like I should use it again because when ever I used it the pack used to stick to my laundry clothes I do feel good it makes my clothes look bad
Convenient and works well
Overall this is a really good product. I prefer using pods and tide ones have always been my go to! I love that everything dissolves well I don't have to pick off the excess material from the pod after my laundry is done. It also cleans very well and has a nice scent!
I absolutely adore Tide Pods. Brand you can trust that has put out consistently good product for years at a price point you can afford. The pods are the most amazing invention. Quick easy no mess no fuss throw one in and turn on your washer. Perfect.
Cleans anything!
This is our preferred laundry pods. For myself and my husband, we use only this product. It is gentle on our clothes, yet effective enough to clean my husband's work uniform after a tough day of snow removal. It is a bit harsh for sensitive skin like my son's with eczema problems, but we just use the white container of Tide for my kids' clothes and it works just as great.
Love this product
One of the few laundry soaps I can use. The pods are awesome. I only use the pods now
One of the best!
Ive bought these a few times now, they clean so well! And not only that but they smell so good, the smell also is long lasting! I love wrapping up in my bed after using these in the laundry lol even my kids so the same thing!


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