4,4 5 0 309 309 Les capsules Tide PODS sont une solution de lessive 3 en 1 qui consiste à la fois d’un détergent, d’un détachant et d’un protège-couleur.
Capsules de détergent à lessive Tide PODS HE Turbo, parfum Spring Meadow
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Never be without it
A bit pricey but gets the most toughest stains. One pod is enough for a huge load of laundry. The smell is crisp and fresh. Look for tide coupons and sales!
tide pods
We used these all the time , but lately my son has been getting a rash from them and there not dissolving properly in the wash
i have been using this forever, they are convenient, do their job, and sometimes go on sale. can't think of any improvements
Great scent
I tend to use liquid detergent but I decided to try this product to see if it would do the same job while taking up less space in my laundry room. I was happy with the scent and how clean my clothes were after using those pods but I do not recommend this product if you cold water wash your clothes. The pods do not dissolve properly.
Sweet smelling pods
I have used them and lovevthem. They are so easy to use because everything is pre-measured for you. A lot of people complain that they don't dissolve properly or leave stains. The key to using the pods is to throw them in first and then load up your dirty laundry. The pods are so pretty to look at on a side note.
Pretty Good
Tried these for a few washes. I prefer liquid for price point but these did work well. Clothes smelled great.
I absolutely love this product! My family and I are always looking for new products that are natural and safe.
Tide pods
Love the way they make my clothes feel! Tide pods are my go-to every month.
Excellent product
I purchase this item monthly and I would not recommend any other detergent pods ever these are the bee's knees.
Tide pods
Love tide. Amazing product. The only thing wrong is the pods don't melt and get stuck on my clothes. So I much prefer liwuid
Great clean
Love this easy to use great scent and clean clothes!
I put up with my skin issues just to use this product. The scent is amazing, so fresh and it lasts for months in somethings. I would so recommend this product to anyone, so great
Love tide
My laundry is always so clean and fresh when using tide pods. I’ve used other but always find my way back to these. I try to purchase them on sale and in bulk so that they are more cost effective!
smells so good
Love using this as it cleans the clothes really well and i love that i don't have to pour liquid into the machine! this is very convenient
Laundry just got easier
I absolutely love these pods! No more measuring detergent! I find these make doing laundry chores so much easier! They’re absolutely the best, I’ve recommended these to friends and family and they’ve been buying them ever since!


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