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Cascade Platinum™
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Nothing Else But
Several times I have tried other products when I get a coupon, and I have finally realized that this is the only brand that I'm satisfied with and that actually washes my dishes. Now I don't even look at other options, I just always order the largest package I can.
Works Amazing
I have tried many different types of dishwasher products they all seem to leave a residue, food still stuck on the plates and cutlery. When I tried cascade platinum it cleaned everything so perfect I had so happy with the results. This is the only product I buy for my dishwasher.
Great Product
I have tried several different brands and also this brand but a different version but this is now my go to product. Dishes come out clean everytime. One downside is the price but i guess you get what you pay for as i rarely have to rewash anything
Great product!
Amazing product! Never had to rewash my dishes. This does a great job and its all I use in dishwasher.
Absolutely wonderful
These pods are amazing. My dishes come out clean and absolutely spotless. So loving this product
Works great!
Love these dishwasher pods. So easy to use and they work really well. I rarely rinse my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher and they always come out clean. Would recommend to everyone.
The Best Dish Detergent
I absolutely love these detergent pods because they leave my dishes looking sparkling clean and always remove hard stuck on food! You never have to worry about your dishes coming out unclean or having to scrub your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher!
Great cleaning power
These dish washer tabs did an amazing job cleaning my dishes. It was able to clean stubborn dried on food particles. These tabs are much more convenient than using liquid detergent.
I’ve been using these for a long time. They work really well and leaves my dishes clean and sparkly. It dissolves with no problems and they are so easy to use. Just make sure your hands are dry before handling the pod.
The best dishwasher detergent!
I have tried many different brands of dishwasher detergent and the Cascade Platinum is by far the best one I've tried. My glassware and dishes come out sparkling clean without any residues like some other brands. This is like an all-in-one for your dishwasher.
The Best
This is the only product that works with my hard water. I love the finish results!!
Go Platinum!
I love these Cascade Platinum pods they do an amazing job keeping your dishes sparkling and clean. No left over food residue. Easy to use and effective.
ok, nothing special
I am a "Finish" product user for many years. I have tried this product several times when I friend felt this worked better than the Finish product she used. I tried it on a regular wash, and did not notice any difference, better or worse. I then tried it in a wash with a stainless steel frying pan. It DID NOT clean the frying pan completely and I had to scrub it with a stainless steel cleaner before washing again. While I like using a stainless steel cleaner to make my pans look new after washing, this was needed to finish cleaning the pan. Likewise I used this on glass pots. The pots needed additional scrubbing with a glass cleaner & another wash thru the dishwasher to clean. On a forth try I put a stainless steel frying pan and two glass pots in the dishwasher. They were of course not clean after the 1st wash, or the 2nd wash when I put them in without any additional scrubbing, and even after a 3rd wash and no extra scrubbing. They needed extra scrubbing to get them clean.
Best dishwashing tabs on the market
We recently tried 2 of the competitors to Cascade Platinum and none of them clean as well as Cascade. Cascade Platinum cleans stuck on food, the glasses are crystal clear and the cutlery sparkles. The pods are so much more convenient than the messy powders and liquids. I won’t buy anything else now.
Cascade only household!
I do not know exactly what makes this stand out from the rest, but it definitely does. I have tried other brands on the market, and Cascade is the only one that gets it all off. If they made an eco-friendly option with the same cleaning power, I'd give it 6 stars!



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