4,3 5 0 13 13 CeraVe® Bébé Nettoyant et Shampooing ne pique pas les yeux, est hypoallergénique, sans parfum et sans parabènes, sulfates, phtalates et colorants - il ne reste donc que la peau et les cheveux doux, propres et sains.
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Gentle on skin
Happy with this product. Very gentle on my baby’s sensitive skin. Also found it gentle to use on my skin as I suffer from severe eczema.
Very Gentle and soothing
This cleansed my daughters hair and sensitive skin well, and rinsed easily. No perfume-y scent like some other baby products, and lower sudsing, but still cleansed great
Gentle on my LO!
This was recommended by my pediatrician and it is very gentle on my LO's eczema-prone skin.
CeraVe bebe ... not just for babies!
My 'baby' is 21 now; however, still has mild eczema. I have contact dermatitis. Between the two of us and our skin issues I have tried many products in hopes it will help. CeraVe bebe leaves the skin clean and soft without drying it out. We're both very happy with the results.
Great new product
Great new product - I use it on my 9 year old that has some mild eczema I have tried a few of these Cerave Products as they were offered at the allergist office for sensitive skin , contact dermatitis etc. My child did not complain the it said “baby” on the bottle but knows how great his skin feels after using this product and helps with the itching :-)
Good for eczema
This is the only product that helped with my son's eczema. Recommended to any parent. Doesn't dry out my son's skin.
Perfect for babies sensitive skin
I’ve used this stuff since day one with my 8 month old and we’ve never had any issues! It leaves her skin nice and soft and doesn’t dry it out - even when she was tiny and it was the middle of winter. My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the soap itself smells kind of blah (it’s unscented) but doesn’t affect the overall performance of the soap
Simple and clean
I really liked the fact that CeraVe Bebe Wash and Shampoo has a pump format, so you don't end up wasting a lot of product. There is a very mild scent, but I don't mind that. There was also no irritation or any reside left on the scalp and body. Great product, would recommend trying out.
Produit top
Je l ai utiliser pour ma fille de 2 ans c doux et excellent pour la peaux sensible
J'utilise pour ma 2ans et j'adore. Ne pique pas les yeux, est doux et sans parfum. Parfait pour les peaux sensibles.
Soft and gentle for baby.
Good product for kids. It's gentle on the eyes and leaves baby soft hair.
Baby wash
This is definitely not my favourite to use on my little ones. It dried my youngest child’s skin out so bad!! I had to use coconut oil for weeks after. I would not recommend this product.
Nice product for babies with dry skin
Liked this product. Skin feels soft after using it. It doesn't leave skin dry after bath. Just one thing that it doesn't make much lather. And not a big fan of it's smell.