4,3 5 0 169 169 Célébrons l’été avec des grignotines uniques en forme de feuilles d’érable! Les grignotines à saveur de fromage Cheetos® Feuilles ont une forme amusante et sont assaisonnées de délicieux fromage nacho. Elles sont idéales à partager lors de vos célébrations estivales!
Cheetos® Feuilles au Fromage Nacho
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Cheesy crunchers
They are great tasting. And a little bigger bag than most cheesiest but a bit pricey.
love the flavor
love this item, i purchase this back in January and fell in love with the taste. Great product.
I love the fun shapes!
We bought these near Canada day. I love the fun shapes and look forward to seeing the new ones. Delicious and different.
delicious snack
not sure why these fun shaped snacks seem to taste better than regular puffs. Which is pretty hard to do. love their crunch
Fun snack
Fun shapes make it appealing for kids. I enjoyed the taste and the packaging. Similar to original cheetos
crunchy cheesy
I enjoy these fun shaped cheetos..and I love the nacho cheese flavor!
Cute design
I like trying new chips, so I grabbed a bag one day. The design was the best part in my opinion. I wasn't really a fan of the flavor, however everyone else in my house loved the flavor, so I guess it wasn't a waste. Would buy again for the family.
Perfect cheesie treat
I picked these up on a whim when I was at the store and I enjoyed them so much!!! I hope that they bring these out again next fall! I would 100% recommend to my friends and family.
Fab Fall Treat
I picked these up on a whim when I was at the store and I enjoyed them so much!!! I hope that they bring these out again next fall!
Good snack
Liked the strong flavor of it. Had to ration myself. Could eat a whole pack by myself easily! Loved it, but can't find it anymore, to our absolute devastation.
fun shapes
the children loved the fun shapes they are coming out with each month. They like the texture and flavour. They also thought they were great at the last bonfire and tried to roast them on a stick---which actually tasted good.
Cheetos Leaves
Nice treat for Canada Day, the same Cheesy snack as always!
Love these
I love these they have a slight tang in flavour but are wonderful and the leaf shape is adorible I love eating these specially during canada day . IF im to be honest id like them all year round.
Not what I expected
I did not like this product. I did not find it had the texture cheetos normally has. I thought it would be more like the skeleton bones versions from around halloweed but they were brittle and airy, more tangy and just not that great.
They were not bad, as a cheesie lover I still do prefer the originals. I really like the design/shapes they're fun but the flavor just wasnt the same as the originals



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