4,3 5 0 154 154 Célébrons l’été avec des grignotines uniques en forme de feuilles d’érable! Les grignotines à saveur de fromage Cheetos® Feuilles ont une forme amusante et sont assaisonnées de délicieux fromage nacho. Elles sont idéales à partager lors de vos célébrations estivales!
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Cheetos Leaves
I loved the Cheetos Leaves. No matter where I was over the summer, I always looked for them. They a unique taste, which made me feel I wanted more. Now I can't seem to find them anywhere. Hope they show up again soon.
My cheesy fingers
I cannot get my cheesy fingers out of the bag when these things are in my house. So tasty and crunchy! I am a huge Cheetos fan. I usually hide them from my husband. I thought the leaves were a cute addition.
Patriotic Snack
I love my patriotic snack however there are a lot of broken pieces in the bag but it still tasted great.
Love Cheetos, soft and cheesy 😁 very good snack! The shapes make it fun and have also tried the skeleton ones.
The flavour is absolutely delish! The texture is very nice. I love the fact that Lay's went the extra mile and added a special treat to celebrate Canada. I initially purchased these because I try to support any product that is celebrating Canada. I love these.
Pretty good
I thought these were pretty good, I really liked the flavour and would prefer this flavour on a regular cheetos. They were fun for Canada Day
Kids love them
The kids love these. They are one of there after school snacks to go to after school. Quick and easy to grab.
Cheesy cheetos
I love these, they are so cheesy and finger licking good.
omg so good so crunchy and oh so cheesy they remind me of the cheeto paws they used to have which were my ultimate fave
So Cheesy
Probably my new fave go to snack. Amazing texture, great flavour and really neat new shapes . The best part, low in calories too !
Great Theme
This was an interesting theme drawing in customers attention to the shape and design of these cherries. We don’t regularly purchase these but the kids were drawn in and really wanted them because of the shapes. They were very flavourful with a good crunch and loaded with great cheese taste.
cheesey goodness
I loves the shape, crunch and cheesy flavor of this product. the shape is very interesting
Great idea
I seen these when I was traveling down east I really wanted to try them, The shape was fun my kids loved it we found it wasn’t that cheesy but overall it was good
cheetos leaves
excellent taste good price, kids love the shapes and the taste
Fun Shape
Same great taste, fun fun shape! Kids Loved it as well!!!



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