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Chocolat au lait Dairy Milk de Cadbury avec Oreo
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These are a delicious alternative to Oreo's and chocolate bars. They are super sweet, but not overly. Melt in your mouth with a little crunch. Yum! I would recommend these for sure.
I love this product. Definitely a nice twist on the traditional Cadbury bar. Very creamy on the inside, so does melt easily in your hand, but I don't mind because I think it adds to the taste! I would definitely recommend.
Oh my belly ...Yumm
Soo good. Buy them all the time. Kids live them. A great treat and good value.
Great combo
Yum, yum, yum!! Melt in your mouth goodness! would be interesting to melt for recipes!
Better than regular Oreos
I enjoyed this product, although, like many others also said, it is very, very sweet. I'm not a huge fan of plain Oreos, but I like them as a pie crust or addition to another food, so I did enjoy this.
A bit too sweet
Cadbury dairy milk with Oreos is extremely sweet, a bit too much for me, but good with milk. There's lots of cream, though it doesn't taste like the oreo filling.
Perfect Combination
This is the perfect combination for me. I love Oreo cookies & I love Cadbury chocolate. The chocolate is smooth & creamy & the Oreo pieces make a tasty crunch. The chocolate bar is so delicious that I keep a couple in the pantry when I need my next chocolate fix.
Top Notch
This is the perfect cross between chocolate and cookie. Deliciously creamy with a hint of crunch. Perfectly sized to satisfy.
If you are limiting yourself to just one treat, I vote this one! It’s rich and creamy and delicious and has a nice crunch to it! Definitely worth trying!
Loved it
I’m a sucker for chocolate with a bit of a crunch! This totally hit the spot, not to mention I love Oreos. The chocolate was so smooth and creamy. And the cookie bits inside of the chocolate had the right amount of crunch.
Dairy milk oreo
I absolutely was surprised how nice this was. Not a fan usually of Oreo but loved this chocolate! Crispy and creamy. I will be buying this again plus trying all other flavours
A match made in heaven!!!
My kids and I absolutely loved this!!! Totally delish with the milk chocolate combined with the creamy icing filling...it’s truly a crunchy-creamy match made in heaven!!! Thanks Cadbury for another winner!!!!
Smooth and creamy
I love the creamy filling with the cookie crunch. So indulgent.
It’s the best part of the Oreo (icing) mixed with Cadbury chocolate. What could be better?
My kids and I loved this product. If you love Oreos then you are going to love this. It has a great creamy texture and it really satisfies your sweet craving. LOVED IT!! Highly recommended!

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