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Chocolat au lait Dairy Milk de Cadbury avec Oreo
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yumminess without the side of guilt
was sinfully sweet, delicious and just enough you don't feel candy bloat or those nasty guilty feelings...good anytime snack
New Favouite
I didn't think I would like this thinking it would have too much cookie in it, but I was very wrong. This is my new favourite bar the perfect mix of milk chocolate, white chocolate cream and cookie crumbs.
Really light and creamy
These new Oreo chocolate bars are really good! They have a nice milk chocolate outside with a creamy icing filling and crunchy chocolate bites. It’s a nice light snack if you are craving chocolate!
Delicious treat!
The combination of milk chocolate, creamy vanilla and Oreo bits is simply heavenly! I love how the little bits of Oreo give a little texture and crunch to the chocolate bar. This is easily the best new chocolate bar that I've tried!
i tried this one day, and it was good, but not great, in my opinion. I love chocolate and i liked it but not up to MY preferences. I would buy this again though. It tastes good with the oreo in it.
A sweet tooth's dream come true
A decadent fusion of Oreo and Dairy Milk chocolate. A must have for a sweet tooth.
Yum yum yum
This was absolutely delightful. It’s everything you imagined. It’s sweet enough that you could share it and you’ll still be happy
Cadbury cookies n cream
This chocolate bar had a great flavour! I love the milk chocolate with the white chocolate and cookie crumbs!
Oreo and chocolate ?!?!?!?!?! The best mix ever, so delish!!!
My favorite when I was pregnant
The two things I craved during my pregnancy all in one. Very good but a little sweet now that I'm not pregnant anymore. But when I want something sweet it's one of my go tos.
Yum yum
It tastiest like I had a Cadbury chocolate piece and an Oreo cookie together in my mouth. Will for sure buy it again.
yummy but a sugar bomb
I love dairy milk and I love Oreos, so I thought this would be a perfect product for me. But oh man, it's unbelievably sweet! Tastes good but definitely a one-piece kind of chocolate bar.
What a perfect pair of cookies and chocolate! I recommend trying this one for sure! It's the best blend of smooth flavors
Miamm !!
J'ai adoré cette barre de chocolat, par contre on doit avoir la dent sucré.
Little too sweet
I like dairy milk chocolates and I totally love Oreos but this Oreo chocolates are too sweet. I prefer other flavors like fruit and nuts etc. I expected it to pretty good but little disappointed.

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