CLEAR Thérapie Beauté Cuir Chevelu et Cheveux Masque-Traitement

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CLEAR Thérapie Beauté Cuir Chevelu et Cheveux Masque-Traitement


Cleans well, maybe too well sometimes. I found my hair a bit stringy and dry prior to conditioner. Does feel clean for a long time after.
This product offers great protection against color fade out. It has a nice scent and keeps my hair soft and smooth!
I have pretty damaged hair so i use it instead of conditioner few times a week. It's light enough to not weigh the hair down but still conditions well so it leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth. I love the smell and the squeeze bottle.
Great product and leaves my hair smelling good all day long. Great bottle shape
I really like how this product made my scalp feel. It was a little tingly and my hair felt really clean. Love it! Not to use everyday, but as a once in a while treatment it`s perfect.
i have been, and currently am, using clear`s therapy conditioner and i love it. i have thick asian hair that has been ombre`d a couple times. lately, my ends have been feeling damaged and very dry, almost dead; this conditioner has not only softened my hair, but i`ve experienced less breakage and my hair feels more alive, as if moisture has been restored into each strand. i can definitely recommend this for anyone with my type of hair!
My hair is very fine and I just found it weighed it down. Very dissapointing
I am currently using this product and am very pleased with it.
I love this product! my hair feels so great after using it!
Its a good product to use, if you have dry and dandruff-filled hair
I have recently tried this product and was very impressed by how well it works. Has a great smell and works wonderful.
I found that my hair was a lot more manageable and very soft after a couple of weeks of use and less breakage
I have tried this and I had no improvement but another family member had seen major improvement in using it. Its one of those products that work great for some and only like any other for others. Great price point though!
I have been using this brand for awhile, this product leaves your hair feeling very soft and healthy!
I have tried clear scalp and hair shampoo.i did like this product, left my hair soft and manageable.I do not use this shampoo every daily as like to switch my products.


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