4,1 5 0 145 145 Que vous soyez parents ou que vous ayez conservé votre cœur d’enfant, vous adorerez le goût des craquelins Goldfish® Explosion de saveursMC Délire crème sure et oignon.
Craquelins cuits au four Explosion de saveurs Délire Crème sure et oignon de Goldfish
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Get in my belly
My favourite of all the flavours of goldfish. Our grocery store doesn't always have this flavour but when my daughter and I find them we get excited and of course but them. They are a good salty crunchy snack.
My son favorite
My son like them since hé little when on spécial I have To but alot
J ai detester ca et ma ptite famille aussi . Personnellement je recommende pas
who says gold fish is just for kids? i love these. great flavor n just the perfect snack u need to eat.. love this flavors n all flavors. i def tell my friends n family to buy these no quesitons ask
Goldfish any kind is great with our family
Goldfish any kind is great with our family we absolutely love them, their either sweet or salty .These sour cream ones are amazing and taste so crispy and sourcreamy ,family loves these .There great for all ages and very convenient snack,There great heated in the microwave as well ,
I wouldn't normally purchase these, but I tried them the other day when my coworker was eating them! Personally I do prefer the classic goldfish, but I must say that if you enjoy Sour Cream & Onion flavouring these are very tasty and savoury.
tres bon
mes enfant t moi même ont la adorée je les recommande
Kid at heart
I love these little buggers more then potato chips!
Les favoris
Les enfants les adores à un point que sa en prend deux boîtes à leur nom pour pas de chicane hihihihi
We tried it
No thank you we tried it and it's not for us. And the salt his hight
Petit poissons
Merveilleux au goût et pratique pour les enfants et adultes
Kids on the run snack
My kids love these when we travel. Also good night time snack.
No joke about flavour blasted!
They're definitely flavour blasted! Just talking about it is making my mouth water like when you think about eating a sour candy lol. They're not joking when they say "blasted"! They're surely to give you a punch in the mouth with the flavour of them but in a good way! Goldfish in general aren't overly positive on the taste buds but these make them tolerable for the mom tax part LMAO If your little one loves chips and goldfish on their own. Then I'm sure they'll love these!
Old fish
Tombe sur le coeur Mes enfants non pas appréciés non plus
My kids love gold fish. It's the perfect snack since there are so many different flavors to choose from.



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