4,1 5 0 145 145 Que vous soyez parents ou que vous ayez conservé votre cœur d’enfant, vous adorerez le goût des craquelins Goldfish® Explosion de saveursMC Délire crème sure et oignon.
Craquelins cuits au four Explosion de saveurs Délire Crème sure et oignon de Goldfish
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produit gagnant
J'ai acheté ce produit pour mes enfants , et ils ont tous aimés même mon mari . Ils me redemandent d'en acheter de nouveau
These are amazing Goldfish. I thought I loved the plain cheddar ones, these are even better. I love subbing these instead of munching out on sour cream and onion chips.
achat certifié
Habituellement j'achète les régulière, mais pour faire une exception, j'ai acheté le nouveau produit sur le marché. Nous avns aimé mais je vais rester avec la saveur originale. Je ne trouvais pas que ça allait ensemble les saveurs.
Goldfish Crackers
I absolutely love these crackers as they are great for a little snack and affordable, I get them all the time for me and my daughter as there are so many different flavors to choose from.
great tasting
I have purchased many of the flavors of the gold fish and find that they have wonderful flavors the sour cream and onion has a full flavor that I just love they are wonderful snack when you need something
My boys LOVE these
My boys live fish crackers and the absolutely love the different flavors so naturally when I seen these on the shelf we had to give it a try and sure enough another hit!
Our favorites
This goldfish are an absolute favorite on our household. You can always find an open bag and another one on stash in the cupboard, the kids absolutely love them and I love them because they are not too sweet or salty, a well-rounded snack!
They were a bit different from regular potato chips. But still had the same great taste and are a nice small snack!
Delighted food
Its one of my favorite of gold fish and I would definitely eat the. Any day😊
If you like sour cream and onion then you’ll love these! Only suggestion that I would make is if they can somehow change how these are baked so they’re not as oily.
Loving the new flavours
I was so happy to see that they started coming out with different flavours of the goldfish. They are a hit with my kids whether in the car or as a school snack.
Sour cream and onion gold fish
Very flavorful. I personally loved them and so did my kids. I would recommend them
Child loves them
A new favourite in our house! Better than chips but just as tasty.
This was probably the best kind of cracked I have ever tasted. I will definitely buy it again
Definitely a big fan of this product and like all the flavours to choose from but this one is by far the favourite here at our house



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