4,7 5 0 49 49 La crème de jour Essentials 24h Moisture Boost + Nourish est une crème riche, non grasse, qui nourrit en profondeur et apaise la peau sèche.
Crème de jour pour peau sèche Nivea Essentials 24h Moisture BOOST + Nourish
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Nivea is amazing
This product is really good and after you apply it you can feel the difference.
Great cream for dry skin
Tried this for very very dry skin and found it worked very well for my dermatitis. It did not last 24 hours, but it did moisturizers without aggravating my skin. Not greasy either! I have one in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, glove compartment and my purse. Although I have to use prescription products occasionally, I find that Nivea Essentials 24 hour Boost and Nourish Cream Day Cream for dry skin allows me to go longer between prescription products, and keeps my skin supple longer Have recommended
Very happy
Works very well for dry cracked hands normally apply first in morning and after shower, doesn’t feel as if it rinses off
Motion lotion
I've been searching for quite sometime for a mind blowing lotion to help with not only dry skin but one that really moisturizes and to help with my very dry feet and I've found it.
I absolutely love this moisturizer. My skin can get very dry at times and this does wonders. I wear it under all my makeup and it makes it last so much longer. And the price is very affordable I Would defiently reccomend
Nice texture, absorbs well, leaves the skin moisturized
Non Greasy Lotion
This is a great lotion. It is not greasy and smells so nice. It absorbs so well.
Review of Nivea cream
Saw this at my local grocery store and decided to try it. I have dry combination and sensitive skin and used during the summer found it thick and greasy. I think it'd be better used in the winter or perhaps if Nivea came out with a less rich version such as a lotion. Overall not bad as hydrating but also wish this had SPF of at least 15 in it.
A Refreshing Feel
Nivea Essentials 24H Moisture Boost is a nice light day cream that left my skin feeling soft and supple. The cream went on smooth and did not leave my skin feeling greasy at all. I was able to apply my make up within a few minutes and it did not affect the application at all. I would recommend this product to anyone needing a light cream that helps to keep their skin well hydrated.
Nivea lovely
Lasting moisture without stickiness. Really enjoyed not having to reapply constantly.
toujours besoin de bonne creme pour la peau j'aimerais bien essayer merci
j aimerais l essayer merci car ma peau a l ere d une peu de crapeau alors ses sur que la cremer serait un atoiut excelent pour ma propre peau merci a l avance et surje vous donne des reponse pour la suite
LOVE NIVEA!!! Please send me a sample please please lol
I would love to try this product as it looks like a good product to use every day
I use this every day too! I love it.



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