4,8 5 0 49 49 Offrez-vous une gâterie de niveau supérieur avec la crème glacée HÄAGEN-DAZS® Exträaz™ Gâteau au fromage aux fraises (500 ml). Nous avons ajouté des ingrédients texturés à notre crème glacée HÄAGEN-DAZS® délicieusement unique, vous offrant ainsi une expérience incomparable qui comblera vos fringales les plus intenses. Une sauce sucrée à la fraise et des morceaux de croûte graham sont combinés dans une onctueuse crème glacée au fromage à la crème faite de produits laitiers 100 % canadiens. Le résultat est une délicieuse gâterie avec un arôme qui vous rappellera votre dessert préféré.
Crème glacée HÄAGEN-DAZS® Exträaz™ Gâteau au fromage aux fraises
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Exceptional Flavor
This icecream paired great with my Hulu binge of Upload. The quality of flavor that I've come to rely on and indulge in with the Häagen-Dazs brand did not disappoint. The slightly tart strawberry sauce complimented the classic creamy cheesecake icecream flavor wonderfully. 10/10 highly recommend to anyone looking for a treat.
Best icecream ever
This is far and away the best icecream I've ever had. It's so good I fact, I rarely get to eat it because the kids steal the whole tub regularly!
Haagen- Dazs extra creamy
I love shortcake any berries with ice cream is so very tasty. Strawberries or any berries but this shortcake ice cream is so amazingly tasty. My family was like mom , grandma you need to buy more just wish they had bigger containers would be awesome for families. Well purchase this product again. Love the freshness of the cake with ice cream .
I’m not usually a huge fan of ice cream but the strawberry cheesecake flavour drew me in to try it, and 1/2 a container later I was in love. I find myself hiding it in the back of the freezer from my husband. So good!!!
Deliciousness overload!
Not sure how it’s possible but Haagen Dazs has created another mouth watering, drool worthy ice cream!
It's seriously so good like wow what a wonderful and powerful combo of flavours! I like cheesecake that isn't too intense or too sweet and this ice cream flavour definitely is what I like! Haagen-Dazs really makes the best quality ice cream flavours worth the price !
Next level!!
This is amaaazing!! Have to have so much self co trip to not eat the whole tub. It’s rich, creamy and tastes just like cheesecake. A must try for everyone!
I had to purchase two of them
When I get a sweet tooth I go all out. There was no way I was going to share this 500mL of heaven. Great mouthwatering flavour. I am sure I wasn't the only one wanting more.
Best cheesecake ice cream
This is the best cheesecake ice cream. Even better than my local ice cream shop. Lots of strawberries and taste like cream cheese. I’ve bought for many friends and family and they all love it as well.
2 in 1 goodness
My 2 favourite desserts in a single bowl.. what an explosion of taste it leaves in your mouth. Definitely not overpowering each other flavours. Love it
Love Haagen Dazs & this did not disappoint. I love the combination of strawberries and cheesecake flavours. It is not overpowering, just simply delicious. I would recommend this icecream and would keep a couple in my freezer.
Cream of the crop!
2 of the best desserts in 1 cup! Creamy and sweet but not over done.
This ice cream is the best that I have ever had. So creamy and tasty.
Amazing very delicious
A great product I’m very happy I purchased this Ice cream
Tastes like the title
Tastes like strawberries and cheese. It’s good quality is worth the price.



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